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applying pressure to the neck. It should be relaxed so
that shifting and pivoting is possible.

6. To position the fingers, make sure the base knuckle of
the index finger is on the level of the neck. Bend the
fingers over onto the neck. The first two fingers should
be more squared in the knuckle joints. The third and
fourth fingers are more gently arched.

In addition to knowing how to hold the violin, there is
also a proper stance you must be able to do. Here are
the steps to having a correct and proper stance:

1. Stand straight with both shoulders back. Look straight

2. Place the violin on your shoulder at a 45 angle,
allowing your shoulder and chin to bear the full weight
of the violin. Do not clamp down on the violin with your
chin or tilt your head. The chin should rest comfortably
on top of the chin rest without raising the left shoulder.

3. Keep the violin level so that both ends are at the
same height from the ground. However, the left side of
the violin should be higher than the right. Never let the
elbow of your right arm rest against the side of your

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