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Dairyman’s ‘How To’ Client (WDS) using OpenWRT

I am using a TP-Link MR3420 as the Master router, AP (WDS) and a TP-Link WR703N as the Client
(WDS). This procedure is posted on Whirlpool.

The MR3420 is running OpenWRT Rooter firmware and its IP is In a normal
circumstance it would be the router supplying internet to your network.

The WR703N was put into the ‘as flashed’ state by a 20 sec hold of the reset button. It is ROOt’d and
using Huntsman 2013-09-15.

My normal method when doing this is to set the computer LAN to a static IP address e.g.; when doing the router set up and then setting it back to automatic when actually
using the network. This procedure disables DHCP on the client router, so the computer static IP
setting is very helpful, if things go awry.

The Master Router (AP WDS)

On the Master router, edit the WIFI and change the Mode to Access Point (WDS) and the Network to

Click on Save and Apply

Note: The master router in Access Point (WDS) mode will work and appear completely normal to any
other device which connects to it via WIFI or LAN. Connected devices do not need to run OpenWRT.
It is a completely safe and painless step.

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