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Dear Gardening Friends,
We are excited to present the 17th edi-
tion of our Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
catalog, the 2014 Rare Seed Catalog.
We hope you enjoy the many photo-
graphs and get inspired to preserve these
treasured heirloom varieties in your gar-
den and enjoy them in your kitchen. As
we hope to increase America’s interest
in pure food and gardening, we are still
printing the 300,000 copies of this free
seed catalog. However, we are also in-
troducing a new publication this year.
Our Whole Seed Catalog is an expanded
publication of 356 pages that includes
all of our seed listings plus many more
stories, histories, recipes, and photo-
graphs. It is available from newsstands,
bookstores, and our website.

It is our goal to preserve not only
our seed culture, but also all the amaz-
ing stories and traditions that make
heirloom seeds so special. These seeds
bring history alive—literally! Seeds tell a
story about our cultures and our fami-
lies, our states and our nation. I still feel
astounded when I hold in my hands the

very melon variety that Thomas Jeffer-
son grew, or a radish favored by the
ancient Romans, or the squash that sus-
tained my ancestors.

Seeds need to be treasured and pre-
served—not patented, genetically modi-
fied and controlled by the world’s most
unethical chemical corporations who see
seeds as only a means of control and
profit. These companies modify and own
the seeds so that they can be sprayed
with nearly unlimited amounts of their
toxic weedkillers, (or so the plants can
produce their own toxins), and these
chemical-drenched crops are proving
to be dangerous not only to the insects
that are considered pests, but also to the
very insects that sustain and pollinate our
crops. Since the introduction of GMO
crops, farmers have seen drastic declines
in populations of honey bees, butterflies
and other pollinators. Frogs, fish and
other wildlife are also in decline.

Last but not least, humans are
also showing GMO proteins and vast
amounts of agricultural chemicals in our
bloodstreams, causing untold health is-

sues and allergies. At the same time, the
EPA has just ruled that our food can now
contain up to 30 times more of the herbi-
cide “Roundup,” a farm chemical linked
to cancer and myriad other diseases.

Our government appears to be
bought and sold by the biotech industry
while public health is too often ignored.
With all of this poison, control, and un-
wholesomeness, we believe the tide of
public opinion is now strongly in favor
of a more sustainable, more natural and
more “heirloom” food supply. A food
supply that we can feed to our children
without fear, and one that comes from
our local farmers, our gardens and our
kitchens. Let’s bring back our food and
think “outside the box.” It is time Amer-
ica had a revolution in the garden, on
the farm, and most of all, at the dinner
table: a revolution that reconnects us
and our kids to the earth, to the seeds
and to the value of good food.

Our food system can start to change
with you! Plant a garden, save seeds, shop
at farmers’ markets and locally-owned
shops, and buy only commercial products

Welcome to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

About the cover: David Leroy Kaiser has been a well-known and much-loved fixture around Baker Creek since the inception of the
company. Visitors love him, and so do we! Here he is on the hills overlooking our Ozark gardens with some freshly picked ‘maters.

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Orange Bell

Tequila Sunrise

Bulgarian Ratund

Syrian Three Sided

Purple Beauty

White Lakes Sweet Chocolate

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Radicchio & Chicory
(Chicorium intybus) These are used like lettuce to
make beautiful and tasty salads, and some are good
cooked. Most require cool weather and shorter days
of autumn to head up and reach their most brilliant
coloration, and so are mainly grown as fall crops. We
offer quality Italian seed. 250 seeds per packet.

An improved selection of this beautiful, old Italian heirloom, the
round heads are cream-colored and splashed with wine red. This
colorful variety is becoming a rage in salads. A high-dollar crop
for market growers. Very popular in Italy! Pkt $1.50

A famous radicchio from Treviso, Italy. We offer an improved
selection. Makes a long, slender bunch of leaves; turns deep
brilliant red in cool weather. A must for all colorful and tasty
salads! Pkt $1.50 or 1 oz $6.00

(Red Ball of Verona) Dark wine-red, round, medium-sized heads.
We are happy to offer this great Italian selection. Pkt $1.50

Beautiful, large, round-headed radicchio; brilliant red-and-
white color. From the old Italian fishing town of Chioggia. A
popular Italian variety. Pkt $1.50

This green cos-type Italian specialty has a mild taste and beautiful,
large heads. Fall planted; great for home or market. Pkt $1.50

(Punatrelle a Foglia Stretta) Popular in Italy, hardy and excellent
for early spring greens; great cooked like asparagus. This strain
has very long, slender, Dandelion-like leaves. Pick small for
Mesclun salads. Pkt $1.50 or 1 oz $7.50

Beautiful, bright red stems and deep green leaves make this
variety a winner! Baby leaves add great tangy flavor to salads,
or good as a cooked green. We offer true Italian seeds for this
heirloom. Pkt $1.50 or 1 oz $7.50

We offer a select strain of “Witloof” or Belgian endive. This chicory
is planted in the garden in spring, then dug and forced to grow
in a cool, dark place, to make the delicious “Chicon heads” that
command high prices at market. Very Tasty. Pkt $1.50

Small rosette head with rounded, thick, golden-green leaves. This
is a popular baby salad item in Italy; best for cool-season growing.
We offer quality Italian seed. An heirloom from the Piedmont
region, very hardy. Pkt $1.50

We are able this year to offer the exciting red-leaved Grumolo.
Use these like mini-lettuce in specialty salads; perfect when
mixed with the “Golden Grumolo.” This variety needs cool
weather to produce red leaves. Always in demand with fine
chefs. Pkt $1.50

Rossa di Treviso

Rossa di Verona

Italiko Rosso Dandelion


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