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From the very beginning,

Loving her is already a mistake.

Loving her is a thing I should have never done.

Loving her is a pain.

But I can't stop it,

even if it hurts.

Loving my housemate.

-- A TaeNy Fanfiction --

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Chapter 1


The lift door opened and I soon stepped out of it.

Passing a few doors in the corridor of this abundant apartment, I headed to my

room. My heels and the footstep of this guy who was holding my hand, were all

things that I could hear.




I stopped and took the key card out of my handbag.

The guy stood patiently behind me, waiting for me to turn back to him. So I did.

“Good night, Taeyeon-ah,” he smiled as he let go of my wrist.

I didn’t know if he could see it or not, but I managed to smile back. “Good night.”

Page 64

Five, six and my entire body walks towards only you..”

“Why do you stop?”

“You said just a short one.”

“Go on, it’s really good.”

“I can see you clearer the more my eyes are blinded

I hear you all day the more I cover my ears”

The more I tried to forget her by dating guys just made me think about her even

more. I could never get my mind off of her.

Page 65

“It's hard to read what's in your eyes

I just keep trying to read your mind all day

Oh once again I take nervous steps towards you

Oh come close enough to where you can see my love

One, two my heart

Three, four my breath

Five, six my entire body walks towards only you

One, two yesterday

Three, four today

Five, six and tomorrow I walk towards you

Today I'm walking towards you alone, crying

I wait for the day when my love reaches you, when you'll hug me in your arms

I need you hey

Oh I cautiously take nervous steps towards you

Oh I become more afraid the closer I get

Oh once again I take nervous steps towards you

Oh come close enough to where you can see my love

One, two my heart

Page 128


And stopped on a certain warm spot.

I slowly distracted my gaze from the spot below my hand and moved to her, only

to be met by the hottest smirk I had ever seen in my life.

“You have to finish your dinner first, baby.”

I smiled as I leaned in, kissing her cheek once before pulling her lower lip between

my lips as gentle as I could, like it was a fragile glass.

My hand moved on its own, pulling her short down.

“I love you, Taeyeon-ah,” she whispered, taking my breath for a moment with her

gorgeous eye smile.

My heart was thumping so fast in my chest, crazily jumping in a pure bliss.

I kissed her lips as my right hand slowly made its way inside the cloth that was

covering her warm, wet spot.

“I love you too, Fany-ah.”

Page 129

I knew nothing.

I did not know what was ahead of us.

If there were up, then the down were, too. No boat sailed with no wave hitting, but

I would not let it sank.

I didn’t know if happily ever after ending did still exist, but I’d try to make one

with my housemate.

All I knew was the fact that my heart had been loving her.

And I made sure, it would always do.

- Fin

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