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Learn 500 useful
words and

expressions for

travelling abroad.

With audio!

This practical guide

for students of all

levels will improve

your level of English

and prepare you

for trips to English-

speaking countries.

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Travel english booklet
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Useful expressions

Customer: Three adults and a child for the six-o’clock (1) of
Murder at Midnight, please.

Cinema: Did you want to see it in (2) ?
Customer: No, just the normal version, please?
Cinema: OK. Where would you like to sit?
Customer: Somewhere in the (3) , if possible.
Cinema: How about row J, seats 10 to 13.
Customer: That sounds perfect. What’s the film (4) , by the

Cinema: Well, it’s a sort of murder mystery. It’s quite good, I went last week.
Customer: I saw the (5) – it looks pretty good. Do you think

it’d be suitable for my 15-year-old son?
Cinema: It’s rated PG-13, so it’d be fine for him. That’ll be £26 please.
Customer: Can I pay by credit card?
Cinema: Of course.
Customer: OK, here you go.
Cinema: Thank you.
Customer: Where are the (6) , please?
Cinema: Just along the corridor on the right.
Customer: And where can I get some (7) ?
Cinema: There’s a snack (8) just around the corner as you

walk in.
Customer: Great. Thanks a lot.
Cinema: Here are your tickets.
Customer: Thanks.


(“movie theater /
theater” in US English)


Usher Row Popcorn Projector

Ticket office 3D film TicketScreen

Session – the 3pm session (for example) is the time
when a film is shown at 3pm.

Matinee performance – the times when films are shown
in the afternoon (between 2pm and 6pm, more or less)

Premiere – the first time a film is shown at the cinema.
Box office – this word refers to the money collected from
ticket sales. For example, if a film makes $300 million at
the box office, it makes that amount from ticket sales.

Soundtrack – the music for a film.
Ticket stub – the part of a ticket that you keep after
they take off the main part of the ticket.

Trailer – a type of advert for a film that shows what the
flim is about.

Surround sound speakers – speakers that project the
sound all around you – in front of you and behind you,
for example.

Snack bar – a place in a cinema where you can buy
food, popcorn, drinks, etc.

action films, adventure films, comedies, gangster films,
crime films, dramas, historical dramas, war films,
horror films, musicals, sci-fi films (science-fiction
films), westerns

What time does the film start?
I reserved the tickets online.
Have you got any seats in the middle row?
Could you put us a bit further away from the screen?
Are there any tickets for the six o’clock session?

Where would you like to sit?
Would you like to sit a bit further forward?
I’m sorry but there aren’t any tickets left for the six
o’clock session.

Extra words Dialogue: At the cinema

Cinema poster

At the cinemA

Genres of film

What you hear

What you say

TRACk 17

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Travel english booklet

Copyright Hot English Publishing SL 2014

Nightclub: Sorry, but we’re a bit full. You’ll
have to wait.

Jackie: OK, erm, what time’s the (1)
open until?

Nightclub: Three am. Could you just stand
over there, please?

Friend: I told you we should have gone
to that other club.

Jackie: Do you know how long we’re going
to have to (2) ?

Nightclub: Not long.
Jackie: What sort of (3)

do they play here?
Nightclub: House, RnB, rap, hip hop...

that sort of stuff. [five minutes
later] All right, you can go in
now. Have you got any
(4) on you?

Jackie: Yes, here you are. [She gives
him her ID card.]

Nightclub: How old are you?
Jack: Twenty.
Nightclub: All right. You can pay at the

(5) just inside the
club when you go in.

Jackie: How much is it to get in, by the
way? I’ve got this invitation.

Nightclub: That’s only (6)
before 11pm. It’s £20 per
person, and you get two free
(7) .

Jackie: OK.

Friend: [in the nightclub] Pretty busy,
isn’t it?

Jackie: Yeah. Hey, I’ll get the drinks.
What are you having?

Friend: A whisky and coke. Do you know
where the (8) is?

Jackie: I think it’s just by the entrance.
Friend: I’m going to leave my coat.
Jackie: Good idea. Oh, I love this song.

I’m going down to the dance
(9) .

Friend: I’ll see you there!

The nighTclub
Vocabulary Vocabulary

Disco ball

BarMixing desk

Bar stool



Glass of water

Glass of wine


Dance floor

(a type of security
guard at the door) DJ


Bottle of beer

Wide-screen TV


Soft drink – non-alcoholic drinks (Coke,
orange juice...)

Clientele – the people who go to the bar / club.
Round of drinks – drinks for everyone in the

group you’re with.
The toilets – the “gents” for men; the “ladies”

for women.
Live music – music performed by a band or

On the rocks – with ice (a whisky on the rocks).
Spirits – vodka, whisky, gin...
Pint glass – a glass that holds about 550 ml.
ID – identity, an identity card (a card with

information about your age, name, etc.).

Gin and tonic (G&T)
Vodka and orange (a screwdriver)
Rum and coke
Margarita (tequila, Cointreau

lime, salt and sugar)
Scotch & Soda (Scotch whisky and club soda /

soda water)

What are you having?
What can I get you?
Would you like another drink?
I’ll have a rum and coke, please.
I’ll have the same again, please?
No, I’m fine, thanks.
I’ll get this round.
These are on me.
A pint of lager, please.
Half a lager, please.

The music’s a bit loud, isn’t it?
I love this song.
Have you been here before?
Do you come here often?
It’s really crowded tonight.
I think I’m going to head off home.

Typical drinks

Getting the drinks

Useful expressions

Other words

Dialogue: At the nightclub

TrACk 18

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Travel english booklet
Copyright Hot English Publishing SL 2014 41

a check-in desk n
the area in an airport where you show
your ticket and give them your luggage
spare adj
a “spare” seat is a seat that isn’t being
used by anyone – it’s extra
live adj
a “live” animal is alive (not dead)
a boarding card n
a piece of paper that gives you permission
to go on the plane
space n
an area that is empty and available
an overhead locker n
the area above the seats in a plane where
you can put bags
to land vb
when a plane “lands”, it comes to the
ground in a controlled manner
a seat back n
the back of a chair – the part that your
back touches as you're sitting down
a taxi stand n
a place in the road where you can wait
for taxis
a boot n
the part at the back of a car where you can
put bags, etc. A “trunk” in US English
to decline vb
if your credit card is “declined”, it won’t


What you say
I’m just looking, thanks.

How much is it?

Do you have this in a
smaller size?

What you hear
Can I help you with

Would you like to try
it on?

I’m sorry but your
credit card has been

What you see

We open most days
about 9 or 10 but some
days as late as 12 or
1. PUSH to open door.
If that doesn’t work,
PULL! If that doesn’t
work, we must be

Please unload gun and
remove ski mask before


Things you say
Could you tell me
how to get to Tower of
London, please?

Do you have any audio
guides in Mongolian,

Excuse me. Would you
mind taking a photo of
us next to the statue?

Things you
Please leave your bags
in the cloakroom.

The museum closes in
forty-five minutes.

The photography
exhibition is on the
second floor.

What you see

This toilet bowl is
an exhibit. Please
do not use!

Old stuff

At the

What you say
We’d like a table for
two, please.

Can I see the wine list,

Can we have the bill,

What you hear
Are you ready to order?

Can I get you another

Would you like any
dessert or coffee?

What you see

Eat here or we
will starve!

Only well-behaved
children who can
keep their food on
their plates and
their bottoms on
their seats are

Slightly older stuff

Really old stuff

Travel english booklet
Copyright Hot English Publishing SL 2014 41

Page 42

Travel english booklet

Copyright Hot English Publishing SL 2014


At the Airport
1. passport; 2. aisle; 3. plane; 4. fare; 5. bag; 6. card; 7. screens
on the plAne
1. flight; 2. seatbelts; 3. seats; 4. smoking; 5. cabin; 6. altitude;
7. land; 8. destination; 9. temperature; 10. aircraft; 11. crew
GoinG throuGh customs
1. opening; 2. pack; 3. flown; 4. travelling; 5. see; 6. visiting;
7. stay; 8. declare
At the hotel
1. room; 2. booking; 3. out; 4. passport; 5. lift; 6. breakfast;
7. towels
At the doctor’s
1. weekend; 2. stomach; 3. temperature; 4. bed; 5. medicine;
6. clinic
At the trAvel AGent’s
1. on; 2. for; 3. to; 4. at; 5. of; 6. to; 7. on; 8. in
1. aisles; 2. toilets; 3. vegetable; 4. department; 5. cafeteria;
6. escalator; 7. Sundays; 8. menswear; 9. thing; 10. boxes
At the restAurAnt
1. table; 2. glass; 3. fish; 4. drinks; 5. done; 6. dessert; 7. card
the underGround
1. station; 2. line; 3. stop; 4. change; 5. tube; 6. train; 7. five
1. museum; 2. slow; 3. change; 4. conference; 5. right;
6. building; 7. receipt
1. theft; 2. form; 3. claim; 4. address; 5. number; 6. mobile
phone; 7. wallet; 8. afternoon; 9. train ticket; 10. man
the pub
1. pint; 2. lemon; 3. packet; 4. much; 5. drinks; 6. toilets
At the museum
1. students; 2. fee; 3. exhibition; 4. tours; 5. tickets, 6. office;
7. shop; 8. cafeteria
At the trAin stAtion
1. return; 2. train; 3. advance; 4. ticket; 5. change; 6. sign;
7. platform; 8. screen
At the theAtre
1. booked; 2. seats; 3. show; 4. circle; 5. row; 6. interval;
7. programmes; 8. theatre
At the post office
1. parcel; 2. scales; 3. class; 4. stamps; 5. post; 6. form;
7. box
At the cinemA
1. session; 2. 3d; 3. middle; 4. about; 5. trailer; 6. toilets;
7. popcorn; 8. bar
the niGhtclub
1. club; 2. wait; 3. music; 4. id; 5. desk; 6. valid; 7. drinks;
8. cloakroom; 9. floor
At the coffee shop
1. cappuccino; 2. large; 3. milk; 4. latte; 5. eat; 6. here;
7. change; 8. sugar

the business trip
1. paid; 2. booked; 3. feel; 4. borrowed; 5. go; 6. planning;
7. throw; 8. get; 9. keep
rentinG A cAr
1. day; 2. door; 3. per; 4. mileage; 5. excess; 6. accident; 7. form;
8. space
on the bus
1. single; 2. change; 3. ticket; 4. stop; 5. street; 6. direct; 7. off
in the city
1. recommend; 2. view; 3. restaurants; 4. show; 5. nightlife;
6. clubs; 7. suggestions
in the country
1. visit; 2. city; 3. exit; 4. castle; 5. afternoon; 6. family;
7. restaurants; 8. food; 9. weekend; 10. available
rentinG A shAred flAt
1. furniture; 2. oven; 3. tenants; 4. translator; 5. bedrooms;
6. sun; 7. deposit; 8. rent; 9. contract
1. day; 2. open; 3. morning; 4. part; 5. map; 6. monuments;
7. sightseeing
the clothes shop
1. trousers; 2. colour; 3. rooms; 4. size; 5. need; 6. shirt; 7. on;
8. take
At the bAnk
1. account; 2. slip; 3. card; 4. form; 5. change; 6. rate;
7. charges; 8. trip
At the ski shop
1. boots; 2. socks; 3. skier; 4. control; 5. skis; 6. credit
At the chemist’s
1. cream; 2. tummy; 3. packet; 4. medicine; 5. toothpaste;
6. antibiotics; 7. speak 
At the hAirdresser’s
1. haircut; 2. back; 3. ends; 4. top; 5. street; 6. ears; 7. looks;
8. sideburns
GivinG directions
1. third; 2. school; 3. east; 4. church; 5. roundabout; 6. bank

the cAr
1. headlights; 2. work; 3. gears; 4. second; 5. brakes; 6. hand;
7. slow; 8. stop; 9. walk
drivinG in the city
1. crossing; 2. kerb; 3. jam; 4. street; 5. directions; 6. lights;
7. bumps; 8. turning; 9. tunnel; 10. miss
drivinG on the roAd
1. GPS; 2. junction; 3. lane; 4. hill; 5. petrol; 6. service; 7.
licence; 8. motorway; 9. station; 10. shoulder; 11. sign; 12. road
useful trAvel expressions

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