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No classes Feb.11-13

Feb.20 Between Family and State: Leon Battista Alberti

Primary Reading:

Leon Battista Alberti, On the Art of Building in Ten Books [De re aedificatoria],

translated by Joseph Rykwert, Neil Leach, Robert Tavernor (Cambridge, Mass.:

MIT Press, 1988): ix-xxi; 1-32.

Anthony Grafton, “Alberti on the Art of Building,” in Grafton, Leon Battista

Alberti. Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard

University Press, 2000):261-292.

Feb.25 Drawing the Ideal City: Filarete

Primary Reading:

Antonio di Piero Averlino, Filarete, Treatise on Architecture [Libro

architettonico, c. 1461-64]: Excerpts.

Feb.27 Villas in the Veneto, Temples in Venice: Palladio

Primary Reading:

Palladio, The Four Books of Architecture (I Quattro Libri dell’architecttura,

Venice, 1570): Excerpts.

Pier Vittorio Aureli, “The Go-Politics of the Ideal Villa,” AA Files 59 (2009):76-

85. PDF

Mar.4 Enlightenment Visions: Claude-Nicolas Ledoux

Primary Reading:

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Architecture considered in relation to art, mores, and

legislation (Paris: 1804): excerpts.PDF

Anthony Vidler, “The Theatre of Production: Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and the

Architecture of Social Reform,” AA Files (Winter 1981-82): PDF

Mar.6 Architecture and Revolution: Étienne-Louis Boullée

Primary Reading:

Étienne-Louis Boullée, Architecture: Essay on Art (unpublished, c. 1792):


Mar.11 Romantic Histories (1): Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Primary Reading:

Kurt W. Forester, “Schinkel‟s Panoramic Planning of Central Berlin,” Modulus

16 (1983): 62-77.

Hermann G. Pundt, “K. F. Schinkel‟s Environmental Planning of Central Berlin,”

JSAH (May 1967):114-130, PDF

Mar.13 Romantic Histories (2): John Soane‟s Theoretical House

Primary Reading:

Helene Furjan, “Sir John Soane‟s Spectacular Theare,” AA Files, 47 (Summer

2002): 12-22. PDF

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Mar.18 Gothic Revivals: John Ruskin

William Morris

Primary reading:

Cornelis J. Baljon, “Interpreting Ruskin: The Argument of the Seven Lamps of

Architecture and the Stones of Venice,” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

55, no. 4 (Autumn 1997): 401-414. PDF

Denis E. Cosgrove, “John Ruskin and the Geographical Imagination,”

Geographical Review 69, no,1 (January 1979): 43-62. PDF

Mar.20 Metropolis and Modern Life: Adolf Loos

Primary reading:

Georg Simmel, “Metropolis and Modern Life,” 1902. PDF

Adolf Loos, “Ornament and Crime,” 1908.PDF

Daniel Purdy, “The Cosmopolitan Geography of Adolf Loos,” New German

Critique 99 (Fall 2006): 41-62. PDF

Christopher Long, “The origins and Context of Adolf Loos‟s „Ornament and

Crime‟,” JSAH 66 no.2 (June 2009): 200-223. PDF

Mid-Semester Recess

Apr.1 Modern Manifestos: Futurism, Expressionism

Fillipo Tommaso Marinetti, Manifesto of Futurism, 1909.

Antonio Sant‟Elia, Futurist Manifesto of Architecture, 1914

Bruno Taut, “The City Crown,” and “Alpine Architecture.”

Apr 3 Machines for Living: Le Corbusier

Primary reading:

Le Corbusier, Towards an Architecture [Vers une architecture, Paris, 1923]

Introduction by Jean-Louis Cohen, Translation by John Goodman (Los Angeles:

Getty Research Center, 2007):Excerpts.

Apr.8 The Art of Steel and Glass: Mies van der Rohe in Europe and the US.

Primary reading:

Detlef Mertins, “The Enticing Face of Prehistory: Walter Benjamin and the

Utopia of Glass,” PDF

K. Michael Hays, “Critical Architecture: Between Culture and Form,” Perspecta

21 (1984): 14-29. PDF

Apr.10 “1968:” Counter architectures: From Guy Debord to Superstudio.

Primary Reading:

Guy Debord, and others, Situationist International (Paris 1958-68): Excerpts.

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