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TitleHigh Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row
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Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Preface: My Story
Part I: An Introduction to Magick
	1. Why Learn Magick?
	2. What Magick Is and What Magick Isn’t
Part II: Preliminaries
	3. Why Spell Books Don’t Work
	4. As Above, So Below: The Power of Attention
		Practice: Directing Your Attention
	5. Training Your Mind
		Practice: Five Basic Meditations
	6. The Magick of Visualization
		Practice: Visualization
	7. Raising and Directing Energy
		Practice: Raising Energy: Phase 1
		Practice: Raising Energy: Phase 2
	8. Working with Doubt
	9. Personalizing Your Practice and Getting Started
Part III: Fundamental Practices of Magick
	10. Practicing Variations of the Fourfold Breath
		Practice: The Fourfold Breath: Quick Version
		Practice: The Fourfold Breath with Visualization
		Solar Application
		Practice: The Fourfold Solar Breath Application: Version 1
		Practice: The Fourfold Solar Breath Application: Version 2
		Lunar Application
		Practice: The Fourfold Lunar Breath Application: Version 1
		Practice: The Fourfold Lunar Breath Application: Version 2
		Seasonal Application
		Practice: The Fourfold Seasonal Breath Application
Interlude: Some History of Magick
	11. The Middle Pillar
		Practice: Performing the Middle Pillar Ritual
		Practice: Circulating Energy with the Middle Pillar
	12. The Qabalistic Cross
		Practice: Qabalistic Cross Meditation: Version 1 (Traditional)
		Practice: Qabalistic Cross Meditation: Version 2
	13. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
		Practice: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Part IV: Additional Practices
	14. The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
		Practice: Circumambulating the Temple
	15. Bare-Bones Invocation
	16. Creating Thoughtforms
		Practice: Creating a Thoughtform
		Talismans, Amulets, and Tattoos
		Practice: Charging Your Water
		Practice: Programming Your Water
		Divination: Using the Tarot
		Practice: Charging Your Tarot Deck
	17. Meal Blessings
		Practice: A Meal Blessing
Part V: Final Thoughts
	18. Magickal Implements
	19. Urban Shamanism
	20. Know Thyself
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Okay, so all of that being said, here are two different ways of performing the
Qabalistic Cross. The first is the traditional way, the second is of my own
making. Try both of them to see which works best for you.

Inhale and visualize your body growing. Don’t just see it happen
visually — feel your body physically expanding. Imagine your body
growing in this way until the town or city where you live is tiny
beneath your feet.

Breathing in, you grow larger and larger. Before long, your body
stands above your state, and soon you enlarge until the entire country
is small below you. You expand more and more, larger than the
planet. Inhaling, you expand into the cosmos, until Earth is no more
than a speck beneath your feet — yet you remain connected to it, as if
held by gravity.

Now you are massive in size, larger than even the greatest of stars.
You see the stars of our galaxy and others all around you — in every
direction for as far as you can see. Inhale and relax.

Turn your attention to the top of the universe. There’s that blinding
white light you encountered in the Middle Pillar. It’s the source of all
creation, shining brilliantly. As you inhale, see the light descend in a
shaft to the top of your head, traveling billions of light-years through
the universe.

When the light finally reaches you, touch your forehead with the first
two fingers of your right hand. The light penetrates down into your

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forehead, but the shaft of light is still connected in a shining column
all the way up to the top of the universe.

7. Inhale and watch as the light glows brighter and brighter.

8. Now vibrate the first mantra, which is (ah-tay). The shaft of light
vibrates with your voice and then becomes more solid.

9. Inhale again, and see the shaft of light descend into your body — all
the way down — until it exits at the bottom of your feet. From there,
it travels all the way down to the bottom of the universe, anchoring
you there.

10. Now bring the same fingers of your right hand down in a straight line
to the middle of your chest, close to where your heart is. As you
inhale, the light connecting you to the bottom of the universe grows
incredibly vibrant.

11. Vibrate the second mantra: (mahl-kooth). The light vibrates
and grows stronger.

12. Now draw the first two fingers of your right hand across your chest,
touching your right shoulder. As you do so, a shaft of light moves
from your center in that direction, leaving your body to travel to the
far reaches of the universe, anchoring you there.

13. Breathe in, and watch as the light grows more vibrant.

14. Vibrate (vey-geb-boo-rah). The light becomes clearer,

15. Now draw your fingers across your chest, over to your left shoulder.
A shaft of light follows from your center, beaming out your left
shoulder and tying you to that side of the universe. Inhale and see the
shaft glowing incredibly bright — as brilliant as you can make it.

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upon him. He is an amazing testament to the power of the mind and body, and
we’re proud to call Damien our friend.”

from , , , and Black Sabbath

“Damien Echols gives great insight into the benefits of practicing magick and
how it saved his life on death row. Even more fascinating is how he used the
same techniques to keep his sanity once he was free and left to process over
eighteen years of trauma. This is truly a guide born from experience like no


actor, filmmaker, and pioneer of American skateboarding

“Damien’s story is one very few people can truly imagine or comprehend. I
myself, having known him now for some time, still cannot. I can honestly say,
had it been me in his shoes, I would not be alive today, or at best all that would
remain would be an empty, broken, hollow shell of my former self. Yet
somehow, not only did Damien survive with a glowing and radiant outlook on
his life experiences, he has come to see it as a blessing that led him down his
current path. He is truly an extraordinary, remarkable man. I can honestly say I
have never in my life been more humbled in the presence of another human
being. I feel truly fortunate to know him and call him a dear friend.”


Grammy® Award-winning musician,

“ is a journey out of darkness into light. Damien Echols is living

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proof that we have within ourselves the capacity to let go of who we once were
and move forward into the mystery of who we may yet become. Read this book
—it will change your life!”

screenwriters and producers of trilogy

“Damien Koson has lived through extreme human events and circumstances.
Now in the world, he shares his vision, his practice of engaged aliveness. May
his readers experience his true generosity and great compassion as he uniquely
honors the deep vow he made to liberate all beings from suffering.”


abbot of Sogenji Monastery (Japan) and author of

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