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A Parable:
The Prisoner In The Dark Cave
There once was a man who was sentenced to die. He was blindfolded and

put in a pitch dark cave. The cave was 100 yards by 100 yards. He was told
that there was a way out of the cave, and if he could find it, he was a free

After a rock was secured at the entrance to the cave, the prisoner was
allowed to take his blindfold off and roam freely in the darkness. He was to
be fed only bread and water for the first 30 days and nothing thereafter. The
bread and water were lowered from a small hole in the roof at the south end
of the cave. The ceiling was about 18 feet high. The opening was about one
foot in diameter. The prisoner could see a faint light up above, but no light
came into the cave.

As the prisoner roamed and crawled around the cave, he bumped into
rocks. Some were rather large. He thought that if he could build a mound
of rocks and dirt that was high enough, he could reach the opening and
enlarge it enough to crawl through and escape. Since he was 5*9", and his
reach was another two feet, the mound had to be at least 10 feet high.

So the prisoner spent his waking hours picking up rocks and digging up
dirt. At the end of two weeks, he had built a mound of about six feet. He
thought that if he could duplicate that in the next two weeks, he could make
it before his food ran out. But as he had already used most of the rocks in the
cave, he had to dig harder and harder. He had to do the digging with his bare
hands. After a month had passed, the mound was 9xk feet high and he could


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