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Healing Love
through the Tao

Cultivating Female
Sexual Energy

Mantak Chia

Edited by:

Felix Morrow

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Fig. 6.8 Activating the Pineal Gland

When fully developed, the
Pineal Gland becomes the
compass guiding the spirit to
the primeval Tao.

Chapter VI

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heart energy center and descending from, covering and overlapping
the upper portion of the heart. This is a lymphoid organ (related to
the lymphatic glands which reaches its greatest size at the beginning
of puberty and gradually diminishes in side and activity as time
goes on. The Taoists consider this to be a gland that, when properly
activated and harmonized with the energy from the pituitary gland
energy center and the generative force of the sexual organs, can
reverse the aging process.

(E) Pancreas Gland Chi
The energy then descends to the pancreas, located between

the lower part of the stomach between the liver and spleen. The
pancreas is a gland that maintains control over digestion, body
temperature and blood sugar levels.

(F) Adrenal Glands Chi
Next, in descending order are the adrenal glands situated atop

the kidneys at the adrenal glands’ energy center or T-11. The adrenal
glands’, or energy glands’, function is to support the kidneys, but
they are also the major producers of adrenalin in the body. Adrenalin
is a hormone which stimulates the heart, thymus gland, liver spleen
and pancreas. In addition, the adrenal glands support the functions
of the kidneys, spine and nervous system, brain, bones and bone
marrow. Stimulation of the adrenal glands adds strength and
alertness to both physical and mental activity.

(G) Sex Glands Chi
Stimulation of the kidneys occurs when the kidney meridian

running through the breasts is massaged. In turn, all the other glands
become stimulated until finally the sexual organs, last in descending
order of the hormone pathway, become energized. Hormone
secretions from the sex glands are responsible for sexual response,
sexual energy and reproduction. The sex glands include the vagina,
uterus and breasts, but it is the Ovarian Palace which houses the
woman’s sexual energy center. All other energy now is awakened.

Balancing and raising the energy level of the glands in the body
is an important part of the Taoist way of developing, healing and
strengthening the physical body. This is crucial to the higher levels
of practice in which all the glands provide nourishment to the
formation of a spiritual body.

Orgasmic Upward Draw

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