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Sunday School Curriculum Grade 4


The last prophet to appear among the people came four hundred years ago... but his words are like

the words of the prophets. The people followed him... Some of them believed his words and said: The

Savior has come. Others did not repent and John said to those: I warn you, repent; He who is coming

after me is mightier than I... The people were surprised as John dared to speak to the crowd. So many

people asked: Who is he? Where does he come from? Is he the promised Christ? He is a great

preacher. They went to him and said: Tell us who you are... Are you the Messiah (Jesus Christ)? He

said: No, but I prepare the way for the Messiah. When the people heard about Christ, they gathered

around Him and loved Him. Some brothers went to John and said: Christ is there, teaching, baptizing

and. gathering disciples around Him. John rejoiced and said: I am very happy. He must increase and

the kingdom of heaven is at hand because Christ will rescue His people. This is what I aim at. People

were surprised at his answer and meekness.

Explain to the students the difference between the Baptism of John and that of Christ.

Did John feel sad when he knew that the Lord Christ would work instead of him?

What did he say to the people?

Let us repeat together... He must… Who can complete?


It is very important that we put others ahead of us if this is their place and work with them as a

team for the good of everyone else, not to try to compete with them and show that we are better than

them all.


Answer the following questions:

 What was the mission of John the Baptist?

 Why was he called the Baptist?

 How old was he when he came from the wilderness?

Read Matthew 14.

Memorize the end of each prayer in the Agpia at home for prizes next week

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