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TitleGone Viral: The Germs that Share Our Lives
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Author’s note
Under the influence
A beautiful anachronism
Life during wartime
The pricking of my thumb
Malcolm in the beginning
The Semmelweis effect
In the blood
Severe and acute? That has to be bad!
The pox under our noses
Cultures that stink
Like a blowtorch to the groin
So common it can’t be a disease
Let’s not talk about sex
The Yellow Pages
Sleepers, wake
Index to pathogens and diseases
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Frank Bowden graduated from the University of Melbourne in
1983 and undertook his basic physician training at St Vincent’s
Hospital in Fitzroy. He completed advanced training in infectious
diseases at Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne at the height of the
HIV epidemic. In the 1990s Frank Bowden worked as a clinician,
researcher, administrator and public health physician in Darwin
in his role as co-ordinator of the AIDS and STD programs for the
Northern Territory. After a year in Oxford studying the math-
ematical modelling of infectious diseases he moved to Canberra
in 1999, where he is foundation Professor of Medicine at the
Australian National University Medical School and director of
the Canberra Sexual Health Centre. Frank Bowden has been an
adviser to the Australian government on HIV and sexually trans-
mitted infections. He has edited a book on HIV, written chapters
for several textbooks and has published over a hundred scien-
tific articles. He is a board member of the One Disease at a Time


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