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Created by Kaizen Media Group
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Authors: Gerald Guess
Zane Seraphim
Designer: Troy Silver

Special thanks to David Hodgson for his tapes and DVD

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ISBN: 0-7615-5133-6
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act i



act VIIi

act VIi

act Vi

act V

act iV

act iII

act iI




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the center doing combos like there’s no tomorrow. Poseidon’s Rage is a great magic to use, because it

will raise your combo count. As you damage the giant beast, fl ames will shoot out of his armor. When

all of the slots in his armor are ablaze, the Minotaur will be stunned. Run up to it, press the O button

and play the mini-game. During the mini-game sequence, you need to rotate the left analog stick in

the direction indicated. There are quite a few rotations, and if you fail, then you will need to do some

damage to the Minotaur again to stun him. Use Poseidon’s Rage if this happens. Once the Minotaur has

stood up, run to the stairs up to the top level, and pull the lever to shoot a giant fl aming stake at it.

This will hit the Minotaur and crack its armor. After it gets hit, it will charge at you. Before it reaches

the platform that you are on, jump up to avoid the fl ames. Repeat the process of damaging, stunning

and performing the mini-game to remove more of its armor. After the armor has been hit twice, you

will be able to damage it with your weapon. Use the same strategy as above, but this time, watch out

for his right hand, because it will have a new attack where lava will shoot up quickly. Avoid this attack

by using Poseidon’s Rage.



If you decide to fi ght the Minotaur in the lower area, watch its hands, and if it raises them, dodge the

opposite way. Other attacks that you will see is its head lowering to the ground. When you see this move,

block and remain blocking until it rises up. It has a few other moves on the ground, but many of them

can be blocked. The ones that are unblockable are when it raises up with both hands in a fi st and then

smashes down with a huge shockwave. Use Poseidon’s Rage to avoid this or simply double jump it. The

other is when it dashes at you. You have to roll backward right before it reaches you and block, because

it will follow up with a fl ame attack. You must also use a back roll and continue rolling away, if you see

its left or right hand glow. Once the Minotaur’s Health has been drained low enough, it will be stunned.

Launch one more stake at it and it will be fi nished.

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Hades is the lord of the dead and ruler of the nether world, which is referred to as
the domain of Hades or by transference, as Hades alone. He is the son of Cronus and
Rhea. When the three sons of Cronus divided the world among each other, Hades was
given the underworld, while his brothers Zeus and Poseidon took the upperworld and
the sea respectively. For a while Hades ruled the underworld together with Persephone,
whom he had abducted from the upperworld, but Zeus ordered him to release
Persephone back into the care of her mother Demeter. However, before she left he gave
her a pomegranate, and when she ate of it, it bound her to the underworld forever.

Hades sits on a throne made of ebony and carries a scepter. He also has a helmet, given
to him by the Cyclopes, which can make him invisible. Hades rules the dead, assisted by
various (demonic) helpers, such as Thanatos and Hypnos, the ferryman Charon and
the hound Cerberus. Many heroes from Greek mythology have descended into the
underworld, either to question the shades or trying to free them. Although Hades
does not allow his subjects to leave his domain, on several occasions he has granted
permission, such as when Orpheus requested the return of his beloved Eurydice.

Hades possesses the riches of the earth, and is thus referred to as “the Rich One.” Possibly
also because – as Sophocles writes – “the gloomy Hades enriches himself with our sighs
and our tears.” Of all the gods, Hades is the one who is liked the least and even the
gods themselves have an aversion of him. People avoided speaking his name lest they
attracted his unwanted attention. With their faces averted they sacrifi ced black sheep,
whose blood they let drip into pits, and when they prayed to him, they would bang
their hands on the ground. The narcissus and the cypress are sacred to him.

Classical Mythology: HADES


Below the area where the Minotaur was

Shish-ka-bobbed, is a hole in the door. Go

through the crack, climb the stairs, and open


CHEST. After you have replenished your

energy, pull the lid off of the casket and then

take the head off of the corpse using R2. You

will receive the Architect’s Son’s Head.

Return to the area where you fought the

Minotaur Guardian, and you will receive the

fi nal Power of the Gods: The ARMY OF HADES.

Now that you have this mighty magic, use

it right away to destroy your enemies. If

you already have the Blade of Chaos at

Maximum then level up the Army of Hades

next chance you get. In the next hallway

there is a HEALTH CHEST if you’re not full.


next chance you get. In the next hallway next chance you get. In the next hallway

if you’re not full.

next chance you get. In the next hallway

there is a HEALTH CHEST if you’re not full.



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The Icarus story is when he fl ew too close to the sun with

the wings he made, the wax melted SO he fell to his death.

That was sort of the inspiration for the mechanic. I still

love this. I absolutely wish that this had made it into the

game. It really came down to time, and saying, “Let’s fi rst

focus and get our fi ghting really good and our platform-

ing better. And let’s get our puzzles working and maybe

we come back to this.” As is often the case, we never got

the chance. I’d love to see something like this in future God

of War titles, because I think it’s great. It’s just fun to fl y

around. And what was cool about this was that it wasn’t

just a fl ying level. You could land and walk around. It was

a very seamless experience versus, “Okay now it’s time for

the fl ying level.” I look at this now and I’m like, “Damn, we

should have gotten this in.”

It’s really tough when you have to cut ideas that you are

really passionate about. But you do so you can make the

other ideas in the game shine even brighter. It’s a con-

stant aspect of the process that’s just a tough thing you

go through. But, I think it’s worth it because it makes the

overall product better.

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Santa Monica Studio (in alphabetical order)

Game Director / Lead Designer
David Jaffe

Shannon Studstill

Lead Programmer
Tim Moss

Art Directors
Terry Smith
Steve “Scat” Caterson

Coordinating Producer
Sandy Abe

Associate Producers
Whitney Wade
Yumi Yang

Project Coordinator
Rita Mines

Game Programmers
Matt Arrington
Magnus Danielsson
Thomas Miller IV
Bob Soper
Phil Wilkins

Lead Engine Programmer
Christer Ericson

Design - Level Design and Scripting
Ashley A. Morgan
Todd Papy
Jo Wright

Design - Combat Scenarios
David Jaffe
Todd Papy

Design - Combat System
Derek Daniels
Richard Foge
Eric Williams

Design - Camera
Jessica Brunelle

Design - Level Design
Tobin A. Russell

Design - Sound and Music Scripting
Jonathan Hawkins
Jason McDonald

Concept Artists
Cecil Hong-Sik Kim
Scott Seeto
Charlie Wen

Lead Environment Artists
Stig Asmussen
Ken Feldman
Gustavo Rasche

Environment Artists
Mark Ahlin
Mark Anderson
Paul Coda
Den Johnson

Lead Character Artist
Dave Matthews

Character Artists
Louis Lu
Erik San Juan

Lead Animator
Cory Barlog

Paul Lee
Giovanni Luis
Nick Vona
Mehdi Yssef

Lead Effects Artist
Maximilian Vaughn Ancar

Technical Artists
Mark Anderson
Richard Greenspan
Jason Minters
Alexander Stein

Lead Flash Interface / HUD Artist
Kenneth T. Roy

Production Assistant
Ariel Lawrence

Paul Edwards
Rob Hargraves

Marketing Material, Art Director
Charlie Wen

Additional Design
Charlie Huenergardt
Quinlan Richards
Scott Rogers

Additional Programming Support
Ben Diamand
Vassily Filippov

Additional Technical Art Support
James D. Polk

Additional Environment Art Support
Melissa Harrison

Additional Artists
Henry Cheng
Matt Clyne
Peter Kim
Jeff Morgan
Tate Mosesian
Mike Nicholson

Additional Concept and Storyboard Artists
Shannon Denton
Martin Mercer
Adam Pollina, courtesy of Terry Smith
Aaron Sowd
Dwayne Turner, courtesy of Terry Smith
Brad Vancata

Additional Animators
Jeff Bailey
Dave Blanchette
Grace Dotson
Colm Duggan
Michael Kiely
Parker Matson
Nicole Stinn
Greg Tiernan
Mark West

Game Written by
Marianne Krawczyk
Alexander Stein
David Jaffe
Keith Fay

Director, Product Development
Allan Becker

Vice President, Product Development
Shuhei Yoshida

Special Thanks
We would like to thank Spouses/Signifi cant
Others and families of the development team.

We would also like to thank Charles Boughton,
Jenifer Clucas, Tim Donley, Cory Haibloom,
Barbara House, Linda Jo, Douglas Kelley,
Danny Montealegre, Tanya Page, Robert
Rabang, Maya Rogers, Tomomi Simpson, Jon
Steele, Jonathan Alan York, Charlene Panguito,
Rob Wyatt, USC School of Engineering (An-
thony Borquez, Tim Langdell), USC School of
Cinema-Television, Interactive Media (Tracy
Fullerton, Chris Swain), Santa Monica College
(Chris Fria, Gloria Mottler), Interact (Paul Cun-
ningham, Mark Synor), Digital Artist Manage-
ment, Inc. (Suzanne Watthey), 411 Creatives,
Chuck Jeffries, Gina Luckett, Dennis Mellon,
Thomas Orsi, Howard Pattow, Katja Reitemeyer,
Shane Francis Co., Andrew Moore

SCEA Audio Production Group

Director of Tools, Technology and Services
Buzz Burrowes

Music Director
Chuck Doud

Sound Design Manager
David Murrant

Music Supervisors
Clint Bajakian
Victor Rodriguez

Lead Senior Sound Designer
Brad Aldredge

Senior Sound Designer / Cinematics Post
Mark Reis
Michael Johnson

Music Editor
Clint Bajakian

Music Production Coordinator
Tammy Tsuyuki

Additional Sound Design
Chuck Russom
Mark Reis
Rex Baca


Dwayne Mason

Motion Capture Manager
Brian Rausch

Cinematics Manager
Scott McMahon

Story Cinematics by SemoLogic, Inc.
Executive Producer, Jongbo Kim
Producer, Taka Yasuda
Producer, You Shin Won
Assistant Producer, Tho Se Min
Facial Animation Supervisor, Robert Blye
Facial Animator, Jessica Arbogast
Assistant Animator, Binh Nguyen
Assistant Animator, Paolo Ziemba
Character Technical Director, Koji
CG Programmer, Gyedo Jeon
Programmer, Jin Woo Park
Software Supervisor, Shinichi Soeda
Senior Network Engineer, Masayuki Kasuya
Designer, Calvin Lee
Storyboard Artist, Kyung Shin
Production Assistant, Sa-Eun Park
VFX, Woo Yong Kun
Lead Modeler, Choi Sang Hoon
Modeling Artist, Lee Chun Kwang
Lead Lighting & Texture, Jang Mil Min
Lighting & Texture Artists - Kim Dea Il, We
Sung Min, Kim Jung Hun,
Lead Animator, Kwon Min
Animators - Kim Dong Sun, Kim Hyoung
Jin, Kang Ji Hun, George Zimmet,
Jung Won Don, Kim Si Hyun
Assistant Animator, Han Jea Yeoul
Lead Compositor, Ko Jong Huyn
Composition Artist, Jong Young Kyu
Lead FX animator, Jung Chang Sub
FX Animators - Lee Ji Man, Kang Sung Uk
2D Artist, Lee Ji Youn

SCEA Producer, Steve “Scat” Caterson
SCEA Director, Alexander Stein
SCEA Art Director, Charlie Wen

In-Game Cinematics by Nitrogen Studios
Canada Inc.

Producer / Production Manager, Nicole Stinn
Director, Greg Tiernan

SCEA Producer, Steve “Scat” Caterson
SCEA Coordinator, Alexander Stein

Voice Over Recording and Editorial by Sounde-
lux Design Music Group

Executive Producer, Becky Allen
Voice Over Business Managers - Amanda
Wyatt, Chip Beaman
Voice Over Coordinator, Jacquie Shriver
Recording Engineers - Elliot Anders, Bryan
Celano, Dutch Hill, Stephen Zipper, Ethan
Voice Over Editors - Bryan Celano, Dutch
Hill, Justin Langley
Production Assistant - Mark Camperell

Voice Over Casting and Direction
Keythe Farley
Douglas Carrigan

Additional Voice Over Recording
Future Post Production Ltd.

Additional Voice Over Casting
Ginny McSwain

Voice Actors
Linda Hunt - Narrator
TC Carson - Kratos
Carole Ruggier - Athena, Aphrodite
Steve Blum - Ares
Susanne Blakeslee - Oracle of Athens,
Village Oracle
Paul Eiding - Gravedigger, Zeus, Greek
Christopher Smith - Undead Soldier, Greek
Keith Ferguson - Boat Captain, Greek
Gwendoline Yeo - Wife, Town Square
Fred Tatasciore - Poseidon, Greek Soldier,
Claudia Black - Artemis
Nolan North - Hades, Greek Soldier, Fisher
Courtenay Taylor - Twins
Rob Paulson - Greek Soldier

Motion Capture by SCEA Motion Capture

Production Supervisor, Scott Peterson
Animation Supervisor, Chad Moore
Animation Lead, Frank Strocco
Animators - Brian Phipps, Eryn Roston, Daniel
Legg, Michael Graessle, Jerry Ashworth
Specialist Lead, Jake Wilson
Technology Supervisor, Percy Sagun
Specialists - Johnny Walker, Travis Parks
Studio Supervisor, James Scarafone

Studio Technicians - Ryan Beeson, Doug
Tracking Supervisor, Michael Shinkle
Tracking Technicians - David Ibarra, Tony Lui,
Chip Parsons
Art & Animation Services Group Department
Assistant, Nonet Vargas

Motion Capture Stunt Performers / Actors
Steven D. Ito (Stunt Coordinator), Alex
Chansky, Mary-Beth Macaluso, Brandon
Tim Sitarz, Tim Storms

Additional Motion Capture Support
hOuse of mOves Motion Capture Services

In-Game Cinematics Post FX Planet Blue

Bonus Material by SCEA San Diego Cinematics
Solutions Group

Cinematics Production Supervisor, Brian
Cinematics Creative Lead, Gene Strocco
Lead Cinematics Designer, Ron Padua
Cinematics Editor/Compositor, Aaron
CG Supervisor, Greg Jung
CG Lead, Janelle Pitchford
CG Effects Lead, Bill Johnston
CG Effects Artist, Marcello De Santos
CG Lighting and Rendering Artist Lead, Sal
CG Concept Artist, Charles Lee

SCEA Santa Monica Studio Coordinator,
Linda Jo
SCEA Santa Monica Studio Filming and Edit
ing, Ariel Lawrence

SCEA Legal & Business Affairs Group

Lisa Lunger
Jim Williams

Senior Manager
Brian Fukuji

Ninalei Morrison

Sue Nopar
Christine DeNezza

Music Licensing Coordinator
Mary Nappi

Music and Sound Effects
Original Score Composed by:
Gerard Marino
Mike Reagan
Ron Fish
Winifred Phillips with Winnie Waldron
Cris Velasco
Marcello De Francisci

Soundtrack Produced by:
Chuck Doud
Clint Bajakian
Victor Rodriguez

Additional Music Production
Rich Goldman/Riptide Music

Choir Arranging and Conducting
James T. Sale

Choir Vocals Performed by:
Bobbi Page (Choir Contractor), Christine

Anderson, Jennifer Barnes, Vatsche
Barsoumian, Eric Bradley, Amick Byram,
Elin Carlson, Nancy Clayton, Dwayne
Condon, Randy Crenshaw, Greg Geiger,
Michael Geiger, Jennie Graham, Fran
Durham Gralnik, Karen Harper, Walt Harrah,
Luana Jackman, Angie Jaree, Bob Joyce,
Jon Joyce, Susan Boyd Joyce, Kerry Katz,
Christie Lawrence, Virenia Lind, Rick
Logan, Jonathan Mack, Melissa Mackay,
Guy Maeda, Donna Medine, Aleta Braxton
O’Brien, Josef Powell, Rick Riso, Sally
Stevens, Oren Waters

Music Editing and Remixing
Jared Emerson-Johnson

Additional Sound Design by Technicolor
Interactive Services

Michael Gollom, Phillip Kovats, Mark Binder,
Jussi Tegelman, Michael Johnson

SCEA First Party Quality Assurance

Michael Blackledge

Senior Test Manager
Ritchard Markelz

Game Test Manager
Mike Veigel

Game Test Engineers
Monty Rimorin
Kelly Bollinger

Quality Assurance Analysts
Justin Hanes
Rodger Aladray
Elgin Orpilla
Mark Ranallo
Mike Berberich

Game Test Analysts
Dennis Miller, Jorge Palacios, Dave

Schraer, Ian Jones, Lester Relova, Colin
Stiles, Man Giang, Nick Seastrom, Shawn
Moore, Travis Heffernan, Josh Gambino,
Marcus Dixon, Paul Flannigan, Ferdinand
Macalos, Donald Carothers, Michael Hol-
loman, Robert Craddock, Mariusz Wiechec,
Jennifer Crutchfi eld, Henry Galindo, Haadi
Khatibloo, Dan Lombana, PJ Robinson,
Laura Mitchell, Mark Stepanof, Christian
Ramirez, Sean Neale, Andrew Baker,
Michael Mcelvana, Quan Truong, Chris
Carlson, Chase Hockridge, Yurii Saichek,
Roland Hazard, Isaac Coronado, Richard
Seaman, Mile Henriksen, Chase Gee, Eli
Burns, Jonathan Cerezo, Michael Flatts,
Isaac Fuentes, Mark Gant, Daniel Malanga,
Luke Owens, Stephan Overstreet, Dennis
Rivera, Dru Smith, Dustin VanGorkun

Lab Technician
Vince Loughney

Project Management Supervisor
Eric Ippolito

Project Coordinator
Jason Coker

Project Assistant
Randall Lowe

Training Specialist
Benjamin Forrest

Quality Assurance Support
Ken Kribs, Manager
Jie Xu, Test Tool Developer
Chris Depuydt, Test Tool Developer
Kevin Simmons, Applications Manager
Christian Davis, Applications Administrator
Matt Harper, Technology Projects Coordi

SCEA Marketing

Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Jeff Reese

Associate Product Manager
Grant Luke

Product Marketing Specialist
Ken Chan

Director, Brand and Market Strategy
PlayStation Online
Susan Nourai

Director, Promotions
Sharon Shapiro

Director, Public Relations
Molly Smith

Senior Public Relations Manager
Ron Eagle

Public Relations Manager
Ryan Bowling

Director, Direct and Online Marketing
Steve Williams

Director, Loyalty and Channel Marketing
Ed DeMasi

Creative Services Manager
Jack Siler

Creative Services Specialist
TJ Consunji

Point of Purchase Manager
Josh Bingham

Special Thanks

We would also like to thank each individual at
Sony Computer Entertainment America for their
contributions, support and dedication to the
success of God of War with special recognition
to the Executive Management team including:
Kaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Jim
Bass, Glenn Nash, Frank O’Malley, Steve Ross,
Riley Russell, and Shuhei Yoshida.

Motion Capture Manager Studio Technicians - Ryan Beeson, Doug


Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited.

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