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TitleGetting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life
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Table of Contents
A Word from the Author
Part I – Approach
Chapter 1 – Why Agile Results?
Chapter 2 – Agile Results Overview
Chapter 3 – Values, Principles, and Practices of Agile Results
Chapter 4 – Hot Spots
Chapter 5 – Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection
Part II – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Results
Chapter 6 – Design Your Day
Chapter 7 – Design Your Week
Chapter 8 – Design Your Month
Chapter 9 – Design Your Year
Part III – Results Explained
Chapter 10 – Results Frame, Personas, and Pitfalls
Chapter 11 – 25 Keys to Results
Chapter 12 – 25 Strategies for Results
Chapter 13 – Motivation
Chapter 14 – Mindsets and Metaphors
Cheat Sheet – Agile Results at a Glance
Cheat Sheet – Supporting Practices Defined
Template – Daily Planner
Template – Weekly Planner
Template – Monthly Planner
Template – Yearly Planner
Template – Schedule at a Glance
How To – Adopt Agile Results
How To – Adopt the 12 Core Practices of Agile Results
How To – Have a Strong Week
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Table of Contents

Part I – Approach

Part II – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Results

Part III – Results Explained


Page 184

Key 6: Meaningful Work

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Key 7: Mindset and Motivation

Page 367

What people are saying about
Getting Results the Agile Way

—Dr. Rick Kirschner, bestselling author, speaker, trainer, coach, The Art of
Change LLC

—Janine de Nysschen, Changemaker and Purpose Strategist, Whytelligence

—Jason Taylor, CTO, Security Innovation

—Eduardo Jezierski, VP of Engineering, InSTEDD

Page 368

satisfying. The simple, flexible, and now obvious imperatives of Agile Results are
allowing me to seize my life back.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you get amazing results and other times
just can't seem to be effective? Have you ever dreamed about an “essence of
productivity” that you could apply to life? J.D. has distilled the essence of
productivity into simple and effective techniques that produce real results. It's
really that simple.

J.D. provides a comprehensive approach in not only handling the influx of
information, but also has helped me to prioritize at a higher level. Being able to
think of breaking the day, the week, and the month into manageable chunks has
kept my sanity. He has not only helped me to prioritize daily work, but the bigger
picture of life. While I have tried other organizational tricks and tips, J.D.
Meier’s methods have stuck with me and improved my work-life balance … I
have recommended him to all my co-workers and peers!

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