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TitleGeology Malekhu Field Report
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Location no.L7:

The outcrop was located about 500-600m from
the previous location upstream of the Malekhu river on
the left bank of the river.

S.N. Physical Properties

1 Sample number 07

2 Color White

3 Texture Crystalline

4 Structures Foliation plane

5 Grain size Coarse

6 Acid test Vigorous

7 Mineral comp. Calcite

8 Scratch test Scratched by hammer

9 Origin/rock type Metamorphic

10 Engineering

High strength, less porous, has rust
due to iron of pyrite

11 Identification Marble

12 Uses As face works like flooring, wall
panels, statue making, tabletops and
other decorative works

2071/BCE A2-R

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Location no.L8:

The next field study was carried on the right side of the
river near Malekhu-Dhading road on uphill side and on
the appeal side of the road.

S.N. Physical Properties

1 Sample number 08

2 Color White/light grey

3 Pattern G I sheets

4 Attitude : N 87° E / 36° NW

5 Grain size Fine

6 Acid test No reaction

7 Origin/rock type Metamorphic

8 Identification Quartzite rock

9 Description It produces metallic sound. It is a
primary rock.

2071/BCE A2-R

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