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TitleFreddie Mercury : An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Knew Him Best
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Page 120

Thor Arnold, Peter Freestone, John Murphy, Patrick, Freddie and Lee Nolan in New York.

Freddie gets a haircut at the 425 East 58th Street, NYC apartment.

Page 121

The Famous Hats, as modelled by Freddie and friends in New York; clockwise from bottom left: John

Murphy, Joe Scardilli, Lee Nolan, Peter Freestone, Thor Arnold, Paul Prenter and Freddie.

Freddie and Peter Freestone.

Page 239

Elaine Page Conquered Broadway as Norma Desmond.
Rudi Patterson Alive and well.
Christopher Payne Often on the telly.
Yasmin Pettigrew Graduated a degree course.
Mary Pike Still around.
Tony Pike Still there.
Paul Prenter Dead.

Kurt Raab (Rebecca) Dead.
Bill Reid Last heard of was very sick.
John Reid Calmed down.
Tim Rice Now Our Lord. Oscar winner.
Cliff Richard Appeared as Heathcliff after upstaging Wimbledon.
Dave Richards Bought Mountain Studios.
Howard Rose Haven’t heard.
Hannes Rossacher Still hard at work.

Pino Sagliocco Presumably still gigging.
Amin Salih Presumably still doing sums.
Joe Scardilli Last time I saw him he was doing okay.
Jane Seymour Medicine woman.
Wayne Sleep Hoofing away.
Lord Snowdon Watch the birdie.
Gladys Spier Still with us.
Billy Squier Fine. Has become a script writer.
Rod Stewart Going for respectability in a very big way.
Gerry and Sylvia Stickells We’re looking forward to his photo book.
Peter Straker Still alive and Brel.
Phil Symes Once again doing Queen’s PR.
Barbara Szabo No know.

Gail Taphouse Still on pointe.
Mr Tavener Still the only gentleman builder.
Chris Taylor (Crystal) Alive and well and gardening in Australia.
Domique Taylor Still a very brave and beautiful lady.
Elizabeth Taylor She was a star at your Memorial and a true survivor.

Page 240

Gavin Taylor No idea.
Roger Taylor Another one who can’t get rid of the recording bug.
Baroness Francesca von Thyssen Moved up a rung or two. Now an Arch-
Duchess. Lovely as ever.

Douglas Trout Still crimping?

Barbara Valentin Life has never been the same.
Vince the Barman The one that got away. Lucky?
Paul Vincent I dunno.

Clodagh Wallace Still managing.
Misa Watanabe I wonder if she’s accrued the other half of Japan, yet?
David Wigg Still hacking for the Daily Distress.
Margie Winter Still about.
Stefan Wissnet Don’t know.
Carol Woods Back in NewYork.

Susannah York Still lovely.
Richard Young Older and wiser. Oh, well, perhaps…

Brian Zellis (Jobby) Alive and kicking but out of the business.

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