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TitleForce and Destiny - Nexus of Power (SWF29) [OCR+]
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Table of Contents
                            Nexus of Power
	Resurrecting the Jedi
	So What's in This Book, Anyway?
	1: Worlds of the Force
		Ilum: A Bounty of Crystals
		Points of Interest
		Naboo: Birthplace of the Empire
		Points of Interest
		Dagobah: The Mystery of the Living Force
		Points of Interest
		Weik: World out of Time
		People and Culture
		Points of Interest
		Lothal: A Desperate World
		Points of Interest
		Bardotta: Mastery through Discipline, Strength from Order
		Points of Interest
		Auratera: A Bright World
		Points of Interest
		Aleen: World in Two Parts
		Points of Interest
		Devaron: A Divided Existence
		Iktotch: The Future in Motion
		Empress Teta: Gateway to Mystery
		Points of Interest
		Ossus: Defender of Knowledge
		Points of Interest
	2: Powerful Vergences
		Coruscant Jedi Temple
		Ilum Jedi Temple
		Dagobah Tree Cave
		Jedi Temple of Eedit
		The Acablas Ruins
		Lothal Jedi Temple
		The Wellspring of Life
		Ossus and Lost Power of the Jedi
		Ossus Vergences
		Tython and the Origins of the Jedi
		Legendary Locations
		Tython Vergences
		Vergence Creation Rules
	3: Player Options
		New Species
		New Weapons
		New Relics and Talismans
		Location-Specific Motivations
	4: Modular Encounters
		Exploring the Acablas Ruins
		Witch's Wrath
		Cave Security
		Vault of Justice
		The Trial of Skill
		The Light Within
		If It Sounds Too Good to be True...
		The Menagerie
		2-1: Sample Vergence Unique Qualities
		3-1: Ranged Weapons
		3-2: Melee Weapons
		3-3: Gear
		3-4: Relics and Talismans
		3-5: Location-Specific Motivations
		4-1: Modular Encounter List
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Page 2


The galaxy is c o n su m ed by a s tru g g le b e tw e e n �
light and darkness. T h e JE D I, a n c ie n t p ro te c to rs �
and peacekeepers , h a v e b e e n d e s tro y e d , w ip e d o u t �
by the dreaded S IT H .

Although the J e d i m a y b e g o n e , t h e i r l e g a c y �
endures. On p l a n e t s a c r o s s t h e g a l a x y , a n c i e n t �

tem p les and s t r a n g e r e a l m s r e m a i n h i d d e n f r o m �
p ry in g eyes . T he ir s e c r e t s a w a i t t h o s e b r a v e �
en o ug h to r e d i s c o v e r t h e s e v e r g e n c e s o f t h e �

F o rc e ....

Page 73

The Temple Spire was the tallest of the five spires that
crowned the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Also called “Tran­
quility Spire,” the Temple Spire was built in the center of
the Jedi Temple’s roof, equidistant from its four smaller
siblings. For the thousand years of its existence, the spire
was considered among the holiest sites in the Jedi Temple.
It was filled with large galleries depicting the glorious his­
tory of the Jedi in mosaics, tapestries, and ornate sculp­
ture installations. These galleries were viewed through
transparisteel turbo lift tubes that ran through much of
the tower, taking visitors to and from the important levels
at the top.

At the apex of the spire, which stood more than a ki­
lometer above the surrounding Temple Precinct, were a
number of important halls and chambers. Many were given
over to meditation and contemplation of the Jedi’s place
within the universe, while others were meeting rooms, lec­
ture halls, a huge interactive holomap room that acted as
both a planetarium and a repository of countless galactic
charts, and even a modern military command and control
center built during the Clone Wars.

Above these chambers was the Veranda, which consist­
ed of three multilevel wings jutting out from the sides of
the tower, supported by buttresses. The Veranda housed
a VIP hangar that could handle light ship and speeder
traffic carrying dignitaries and important Jedi; the Hall of
Knighthood, where Padawans took their vows and became
full-fledged Jedi Knights; and dozens of private medita­
tion rooms, where Padawans spent the week before their
knighting ceremony in deep contemplation.

At the very summit of the Temple Spire was the Pinnacle
Room, a round chamber with a domed ceiling and walls
dominated by massive arched windows. Within this room
were kept the most sacred documents of the Jedi Order,
some of which were rumored to date from the Order’s
founding. The Jedi Council also held meetings in this room,
and by the time of the Clone Wars, it was the group’s pri­
mary meeting place.


D uring the heyday of the Republic, the Jedi Tem­ple Guards protected the Coruscant Jedi Temple.
Selected from the ranks of the Jedi by the temple’s
head of security, the Temple Guards cloaked their
identities behind ceremonial robes and masks. Their
anonymity represented their total commitment to
the ideals of the Jedi, and allowed them to serve as
impartial arbitrators of conflicts within the temple.

The Temple Guardians wielded unique, double-bladed
lightsabers with distinctive yellow blades. Their armor
appeared purely ceremonial, but wove cunning layers
of protective fabrics together to create a subtle but
effective defense against blaster bolts and blades.

���� �� �� ������� ���� ����

Skills: Discipline 2, Medicine 2, Melee 2, Light-
saber 2, Perception 2, Vigilance 2.
Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade difficulty of all com­
bat checks against this target once), Force Rating
4, Parry 4 (when struck by a hit from a melee at­
tack but before applying soak, suffer 3 strain to
reduce damage by 6), Reflect 4 (when struck by a
hit from a ranged attack but before applying soak,
suffer 3 strain to reduce damage by 6).
Abilities: Force Power: Bind: Spend3 to immobilize
one target within short range until the end of the
user’s next turn. Spend 3 to increase the range of
the power by one (may activate this multiple times).
Spend 3 3 to affect 1 additional target (may acti­
vate this multiple times). Spend 3 whenever an af­
fected target takes an action, it suffers 3 strain.
Equipment: Temple Guard Lightsaber Pike (Light-
saber; Damage 6; Critical 2; Range [Engaged];
Breach 1, Defensive 1, Linked 1, Sunder, Stun 4,
Unwieldy 3), Jedi Temple Guard Armor (+ 1 soak,
+ 2 defense), keys.

Page 74

Today, the Imperial Palace stands at the center of Imperial
government. Towering over the middle of the newly created
Federal District, the Imperial Palace casts a pall over the
surrounding cityscape. The temple grounds have been con­
verted into the Palace Court, which has parade grounds
for military displays and berthing docks for some of the
smaller sub-capital classes of Star Destroyers. In addition,
both the COMPNOR Arcology building, with its thousands
of Imperial ministry offices, and the headquarters of Impe­
rial Naval Intelligence have been constructed close to the
palace for ease of access.


When the Sith built their shrine on Coruscant, they

did so over a powerful light side vergence. This deci­
sion was made in an attempt to corrupt the ver­

gence and use its power to fuel dark rites. Their
plan worked to a point, and by the time the Jedi
took Coruscant and pulled the shrine down, the
vergence had become corrupted with dark side
energies. The Jedi were well aware of the dark

side corruption of the vergence, but believed
they could reverse the process and return the ver­

gence to the light side. Thus, they built their new temple
atop the foundations of the old Sith shrine.

Unfortunately, the Jedi were wrong on this account. Even as
they built the temple, a small portion of lingering Sith corrup­
tion infused its foundations. That hint of dark side influence
may have been enough to cloud the judgment of the Jedi, leav­
ing them vulnerable to the manipulations of Darth Sidious.


When making Force power checks or using Force talents with­
in the Coruscant vergence, add automatic O to the check.

When a Force user meditates within the Coruscant ver­
gence, the Force can reveal many things, including other
places, the past, and the future. Within the temple, how­
ever, the visions can sometimes be cloudy and ambiguous.
After meditating at the vergence, Force users may add O
no greater than their Force rating to the next Knowledge
check they make that session. Each O generates automatic
& for the check results.

Any • or <§> <o> generated by the Knowledge check
negatively affects its results. This reflects the lingering cor­
ruption from the Sith shrine, which can cloud visions and
provide incorrect answers to questions. The details of these
negative effects are left to the Game Master’s discretion,
but they should involve misleading or misdirecting the PC
in some way. In addition, the GM can have any Foresee
power check made at the vergence become a combined
check with a Hard (4 4 4 ) Vigilance check Any • or <§>
® generated can create the same negative consequences
described above, but $ or O O O can guarantee that
the visions the PC sees are truthful, or can simply reveal
that a lingering corrupting influence is at work.

Today, the Temple Spire is occupied by Emperor Palpatine as
his seat of power. Passersby still see lights in the windows of
the Pinnacle Room, where it is presumed that the Emperor
holds court with his lapdog Vader and his simpering pack of
courtiers and favor-seekers.

During the fall of the Republic and the purge of the Jedi
Order, the temple was besieged and occupied by the 501st
Legion. As the 501 st laid its siege, the fallen Jedi Anakin Sky-
walker led an elite force of done commandos into the temple
to slaughter everyone within. Despite brutal close-quarters
fighting, the temple and the area around it survived the fall
of the Jedi. To cement his dominance over the galaxy and the
destruction of the Jedi, the Emperor moved into the temple
almost immediately and declared it the new Imperial Palace.

During the months that followed, Imperial agents scoured
the temple of all traces of its former occupants. The numerous
statues, paintings, and tapestries recording the Jedi’s proud
history were destroyed, replaced with statues of the Emperor
and art dedicated to the glory of the new Empire. Palpatine
moved his quarters into the old Tranquility Spire, which stood
tall atop the palace, and held court in the Pinnacle Room.

The Jedi Archives were looted, the data held within spirited
away by Imperial Security Bureau agents for study and even­
tual destruction. The secrets held within the Archives led to
the deaths of countless Jedi and Force-sensitive individuals,
and to the discovery and destruction of many hiddentefnples
and facilities. Jedi artifacts found in the temple, including
many holocrons, were destroyed, were locked away for fur­
ther study, or found their way onto the black market. Within a
year of the temple’s conversion to the Imperial Palace, barely
a trace of the former Jedi inhabitants remained.

Page 146

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

There is a great disturbance in the Force. The Jedi are dead, wiped out by the
Sith, and darkness envelops the galaxy. However, theJedi’s legacy still lives on,
hidden away in lost temples and forgotten ruins. Those who discover these nexus
of power can inherit the birthright of the Force.

Explore the forgotten mysteries of the Star Wars galaxy with � ���� � ��
� � � � � "� This sourcebook expands on the � ���� � � � � � ������ � Roleplaying
Game, adding a host of new locations for any character to explore and
discover. Uncover ancient temples, tap into powerful Force vergences, and
undergo the trials of a Jedi.

This supplemental rulebook includes:

• Detailed profiles on planets important to the history of the Jedi and the
Force, such as Dagobah, Hum, and Lothal.

• Powerful vergences of the Force, and how they can test Force users.

• Four new species options found on these worlds.

• New weapons and gear, including unique and powerful artifacts and
talismans of the Jedi and other Force users.

• Eight modular encounters GMs can use to let their players explore the
legacy of the Jedi.

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