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This page is an excerpt from Focus on Photography: A Curriculum Guide

Written by Cynthia Way for the International Center of Photography

© 2006 International Center of Photography

All rights reserved.

Published by the International Center of Photography, New York.

Printed in the United States of America.

Please credit the International Center of Photography on all reproductions.

This project has been made possible with generous support from Andrew and Marina Lewin,
the GE Fund, and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural
Challenge Program.


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5� Focus Lesson Plans

Part IV: Resources


Experiment with exposure times and different objects

Move the light source to different angles so that it casts shadows

Create multiple exposures by using several short exposure times on one piece
of paper, moving the objects around each time

Draw on acetate and use it as a negative over the paper

Color the dried Photogram with colored pencils or Marshall’s photo oils

Expose an entire sheet of paper to light; draw an image with a brush dipped in
developer; process through the fixer and wash

Tone Reversal: Put finished (dry) Photogram face down in contact with a piece
of photographic paper and expose for 30 seconds. Process.

Solarize the image by turning on the darkroom light briefly, reversing the tones

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Focus Lesson Plans 55

Focus Link 31
wrItIng wIth LIght on FILm or PaPer

This activity calls upon the literal definition of photography, “writing with light.”


To illustrate the physics of light and to experiment with creating images without a


Flashlight or pen light

Room that you can darken completely (darkroom, closet, bathroom)

Photographic paper (resin coated), 8” x 10” or 11” x 14”

Three trays

Paper developer (Dektol)

Stop bath



Clothesline and clothespins






On the wall, mark off an area the size of the paper to be your “frame”

Turn out the lights, remove the photographic paper from the box, and put a
piece of tape on the back of the paper

Tape it securely to the “frame” on the wall

Draw with light on the paper. Experiment! You can create dots by turning the
light source on and off quickly. Or, create streams and streaks by swinging the
light source in the air.

Place exposed paper in a light-tight box

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