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TitleFinding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself
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                            Title Page
Chapter One - A Line in the Sand
Chapter Two - Chlorine Dreams
Chapter Three - College Currents: Fast Water, High Times, and California Cool
Chapter Four - From Underwater to Under the Influence
Chapter Five - White Sands and Red Stripe: Hitting Bottom in Paradise
Chapter Six - Into the Light
Chapter Seven - My Secret Weapon: Power in Plants
Chapter Eight - Training as Life
Chapter Nine - The Aloha, Kokua, and Ohana of Ultraman
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Chapter Ten - Epic5: Rookie Mistakes, Burning Skies, Kahuna Spirits, and a Drunken Angel in the Pain Cave of the Real Hawaii
Appendix I - The Nuts and Bolts of the PlantPower Diet
Appendix II - A PlantPower Day in the Life
Appendix III - Resources
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“If you liked , you’ll love one of the best
books about health and fitness that I’ve ever read.”

—NEAL D. BARNARD, M.D., President of the Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine

“Finding Ultra is the ultimate story of hope, perseverance, and
endurance against life’s biggest challenges.”

author of

“I loved this. A rare book, unusual for its honesty and willingness
to bare all, that really does deserve such superlatives as ‘riveting’
and ‘compelling.’ I was moved by watching Roll conquer his demons,
and felt privileged to share in his eventual enlightenment. By laying it
on the line, Roll absolutely wins us over.”

—RIP ESSELSTYN, bestselling author of

“An incredibly inspirational book about achieving greatness at any
age through self-belief and a positive attitude. Rich Roll is a true
champion of life and sport.”

—LEVI LEIPHEIMER, two-time stage winner of the Tour de
France and Olympic time-trial bronze medalist

“Finding Ultra is an inspired first-person account of fast living and
even faster swimming, biking, and running that will leave you
convinced of the power of your own will.”

—BRENDAN BRAZIER, bestselling author of

Page 143

Cheeseburger Heaven. My only decent “before” shot, this photo was taken when I was 38—on
family vacation visiting Julie’s relatives in Chile. I’m tipping the scales at about 190 here, around

20 pounds shy of my heaviest weight.

The Bad News Bears. At my first Ultraman in 2008, I depended on this trusty crew (FROM LEFT):
Chris Uettwiller, my dad, and the irrepressible LW Walman. None of us had any idea what we

were doing. And that made it awesome.

Page 144

Hang Loose. Cruising during Ultraman 2008. Things were much simpler early in the race when I
had just one simple goal: finish. (PHOTO BY RICK KENT)

Page 285

Ben and Eric Bostrom, and Ivan Dominguez—you inspire me with your
remarkable talent, devotion to excellence, and example. I’m honored to
know all of you.
Ultraman is a beautiful and curious world to which I was most

graciously and quite miraculously permitted entry. I’m forever indebted
to Jane Bockus for taking a chance on me back in 2008 and permanently
altering the trajectory of my life. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the
entire Ultraman most notably Sheryl and Dave Cobb, Cory
Foulk, Gary Wang, John Callos, Jamie Patrick, Suzy Degazon, Marty
Raymond, Nino Cokan, Miro Kregar, Erik Seedhouse, Mike Rouse,
Jochen Dembeck, Vito Biala, Peter McIntosh, Kathy Winkler, Timothy
Carlson, Rick Kent, Warren Hollinger, Rebecca Morgan, Verne Sekafetz,
and Grant Miller, among many others. To every athlete and crew
member who has taken the leap into this lunatic fringe, you’re all
To Mike Field and Todd Clark—my Big Island brothers from another

mother—thank you for your boundless generosity and friendship and for
always going the extra mile to ensure that my family and I feel at home
in Hawaii. I can only aspire to your selfless example of , and

Thanks to photographer extraordinaire John Segesta, for never failing

to take remarkable images of me and for always making me appear far
better in print than I actually do in person. And thanks to James Gilbert
and Reis Paluso at Sandbox Studios for your graphic genius and for
giving me a web presence that is the envy of my peers.
To my Ultraman comrade Jason Lester—you’re a rare warrior and

your spirit transcends athleticism. Thank you for ushering me into the
realm of the unknown, for your incredible fortitude, and for being a
beacon of inspiration to so many. But most of all, thank you for being
my friend.
To Larry and Vylna Mathis, I’m grateful for your steadfast and loving

support of my family and me, particularly during the more challenging
periods we’ve faced this past year.
To my beloved parents, Dave and Nancy Roll, thank you for never

giving up on me, always believing in me, and selflessly having my back
in countless times of need. Thank you for your sacrifice and for instilling
in me a tireless work ethic, keen sense of responsibility, and drive to

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