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+/. %re you able to provide individual attention to your studentsP

es Ho

If no, whyP

Ho.of students very high

Too much of extra!curricular activities

"ack of class room facilities

"ack of teaching staff 

%ny other please state2

+D. %re you satisfied with the resources like library, computer labs and other science labsP

es Ho

If no ,whyP

Inadequate no.of books and maga*ines in the library

Inadequate no.of computers

0efective or inadequate no.of apparatus in the science labs

+G. 0oes your school provide you with transportation facilities like school bus

es Ho

If no, do you encounter difficulty in getting to your schoolP

es Ho

+>. 0o you feel proud to be a teacherP

  es Ho

+=. 0o you have any suggestions to enhance your job satisfactionP Kindly mention it.

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