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TitleFinal Cut Pro HD for Dummies (ISBN - 0764577735)
TagsFor Dummies
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Table of Contents
                            Final Cut Pro HD For Dummies
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		How to Use This Book
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Contacting the Author
	Part I: First Things First
		Chapter 1: Introducing Final Cut Pro
			Understanding the Purpose of Editing
			Exploring the Capabilities of Final Cut Pro
			Going with the Final Cut (Work) Flow
			Taking a Grand Tour of the Interface
		Chapter 2: Getting Started
			Hardware Requirements
			Selecting and Configuring a Mac
			Getting Started
			Working with Projects and Sequences
			Adjusting Your Project and Sequence Settings
		Chapter 3: All About HD (High Definition)
			What Is HD?
			How Final Cut Works with HD
			Creating DVCPRO HD Video
			Affordable HD Cameras — the Good and the Bad News
	Part II: Importing and Organizing Your Media
		Chapter 4: Capturing Media from Tape
			Connecting a DV Camera or Deck
			Understanding Timecode
			Capturing in the Log and Capture Window
			Letting Final Cut Pro Find Scenes for You
			Capturing over Timecode Breaks
			Batch-Capturing Clips
		Chapter 5: Importing Media That’s Already on Your Mac
			Your Media Files Are Welcome Here
			Some Media May Need Rendering
			Importing Your Media into Final Cut Pro
			Converting MP3 (and Other Kinds of Audio) with QuickTime Pro
		Chapter 6: Organizing Your Media
			Working in the Browser
			Using Browser Columns
			Making Copies of Clips
			Adding Transitions and Effects to the Favorites Bin
			Finding Clips Fast
			Dealing with Offline Media
	Part III: Editing Your Media
		Chapter 7: Editing Basics
			Understanding the Editing Process
			Moving Clips to the Timeline
			Selecting Clips on the Timeline
			Moving a Clip That’s Already on the Timeline
			Speeding Editing with Snapping
			Resizing Clips That Are Already on the Timeline
			Cutting a Clip in Two
			Deleting Clips from the Timeline
		Chapter 8: Getting to Know the Timeline
			Investigating Timeline Tracks
			Customizing Your View of the Timeline
			Navigating the Timeline
			Zooming In and Out of the Timeline
			Some Timeline Details
		Chapter 9: Editing Wizardry
			Going Beyond Insert and Overwrite Edits
			Splitting Video and Audio Edits
			Using Advanced Editing Tools
			Using Markers to Highlight Important Moments
			Playing a Clip Backward
			Changing a Clip’s Speed
			Stopping Action with a Freeze Frame
			Nesting a Sequence into Another Sequence
			Adding a Voice-Over to a Sequence
	Part IV: Adding Pizzazz
		Chapter 10: Audio Excellence
			Some Audio Basics
			Three Ways to Set Volume Levels
			Panning an Audio Clip
			Creating Audio Transitions
			Working with Audio Filters
			Exploring Audio Filters
			Copying and Removing Audio Attributes
		Chapter 11: Composing a Soundtrack
			Getting Started
			Creating Your Soundtrack
			Other Stuff
			Exporting Your Score
		Chapter 12: Creating Transitions
			Exploring the Types of Transitions in Final Cut Pro
			Applying Your First Transition
			Looking at the Many Ways to Apply Transitions
			Editing Clips and Adding Transitions
			Rendering Transitions
			Modifying Transitions
			Fading In and Out
			Saving and Organizing Custom Transitions
			Using the Transition Editor to Customize a Transition
		Chapter 13: Adding Text to Your Videos
			Formatting Text for Display on a TV
			Getting Started with a Text Generator
			Creating Text with Final Cut Pro
			Creating Titles with LiveType
			Using Titles and Text Created Outside Final Cut Pro
			Working with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro
			Preparing Photoshop Text for Final Cut Pro
		Chapter 14: Special Effects with Filters and Color Correction
			Shooting Video with Effects in Mind
			Making a Colored Clip Black and White
			Getting That Old, Grainy Video Look
			Changing Colors
			Working with Color-Correction Tools
			Fixing or Adjusting Exposures
			Comparing Results with the Frame Viewer
			Checking Out More Handy Filters
			Blurring the Action
			Saving and Applying Customized Filters
		Chapter 15: Motion Effects
			Manipulating Images in Wireframe Mode
			Changing Images with the Motion Tab
			Using Keyframes to Change Motion Settings over Time
			Creating a Multiple-Screen Effect
		Chapter 16: Compositing
			Choosing a Composite Mode
			Applying a Composite Mode
			Understanding Alpha Channels
			Compositing with Mattes and Keys
	Part V: Outputting Your Masterpiece
		Chapter 17: Recording to Tape
			Setting Up for Recording
			Recording to Tape
			Editing Online versus Offline
		Chapter 18: Exporting Your Movie to a Digital File
			Working with QuickTime Video
			Getting to Know Codecs
			Looking at the Video Codecs
			Looking at the Audio Codecs
			Knowing Your Data Rates
			Export Away!
			Exporting a Batch of Movies
			Easy Exporting with the Compressor Application
	Part VI: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Editor
			Try Out the Final Cut Pro Tutorials
			Study (Don’t Just Watch) Movies and Commercials
			Practice on Someone Else’s Real-World Footage
			Go Online and Find a Community
			Join a Final Cut Pro User Group
			Upgrade Your Hardware
			Upgrade Your Software
			Curl Up with a Good Book
		Chapter 20: Almost Ten Tips for Managing Big Projects
			Keep Your Media Files Organized
			Use Bins — Lotsa Bins!
			Keep Your Clip Names Informative
			Document Your Clips
			Use the Find Feature
			Stay Oriented with Markers
			Break Scenes into Sequences and Nest ’em Together
			Save on Hard Drive Space
	Bonus Chapter 1: Secrets of Rendering
		Understanding Rendering Status
		Playing Back a Sequence with Real-Time Options
		Rendering a Clip or Sequence
		Planning Efficient Rendering
		Managing Renders on Your Hard Drive
		A Word about Audio Rendering
	Bonus Chapter 2: Customizing Your Interface
		Changing the Window Layouts
		Using the Keyboard Layout
		Adding Button Shortcuts
	Bonus Chapter 3: Managing Your Media While Editing
		Editing Media with Media Manager
		Opening Media Manager
		Using Media Manager: Important and Useful Tasks
		Using Media Manager with OfflineRT Compression
		Auto-Relinking Media Files
		Manually Relinking Files

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