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TitleFields of War Core Rulebook
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Core Rulebook

Written by: Aaron Basham

Game design: Aaron Basham

Assistance from: Nikola Dabić

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In order to play a game of Fields of War you need to have several things:

1. Paper and pencil

2. Several six sided dice (D6)

3. A surface to play on

4. Models for your army

5. A tape measure (in inches)

6. Pieces of terrain

7. This rulebook

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Weapons are the all essential part of the game. A unit with the right weapons at
the time are just as helpful as a unit with the wrong weapons at the right time.
There are 2 different kinds of weapons. A model may only have up to 3 weapons.

*Close Combat Weapons
-As the name implies, these are the weapons that can only be used during close
combat. Below is a chart of different kinds of weapons and what their
requirements are. All weapons that have a range may NOT be used in close
combat unless otherwise stated in their rules.

Weapon Name: Rules:

Club, Claws, Daggers If model has another weapon +1At

Sword, Hammer None

Axe, Mace +1P

Shield +1Ar

Great Axe/Club/Hammer/Sword +2P, 2 handed, -2Sp

Spear Reach, 2 handed

Lance +1P on the charge, Reach

Halberd Reach, 2 handed, +1P

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D3 Dice Rolls
-some models or units require a D3. When rolling a D3 roll a D6 on this chart:

D6 Roll: Actual

1,2 1

3,4 2

5,6 3

Flanks and line of sight
-Flanks are the edges of units. These determine where they can see and how many
models they can bring to battle. The units flanks are divided into 4 90 degree
flanks each coming out of a corner of the unit. A unit's front flank is the flank
where the unit can •see€ and the most models are facing. Unless said otherwise a
unit may only shoot or charge enemy units in the front rank. When measuring
distances for the unit you measure form the front. Cohorts and loners don't have
flanks so they may measure from any model that is in their unit with the
appropriate equipment.

Death of crew/war machine
-If either all of the crew of a war machine is all killed, or if the war machine itself
is destroyed, the the unit counts as dead. Remove any remaining models in the

The Golden Rule:
Although playing miniature tabletop wargames is supposed to be a competitive
and challenging hobby, one must not forget that Fields of War is just a game,
nothing more and nothing less. The point is for people to enjoy themselves and
have fun with their fellow gamers. So just remember that whenever you prepare to
play a game on the table or any other appropriate surface, to have a great time.


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