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TitleFeed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Make It Count
Part One: Retrain the Brain
	Chapter One: It’s All in Your Head
	Chapter Two: Don’t Give Up What You Want Most for What You Want Right Now
	Chapter Three: Divine Pleasure and Exquisite Pain
	Chapter Four: Is Stress Stressing You Out?
Part Two: Lose the Weight
	Chapter Five: One Size Fits No One (and It’s a Little Tight in the Crotch)
	Chapter Six: Conscious Eating: Silence the Fat Kid Within
	Chapter Seven: It’s Time to Do You, Boo
Part Three: Find Your True Self
	Chapter Eight: Your Body Is a Wonderland
	Chapter Nine: Life Is Best When You Manifest
	Chapter Ten: The Trained Mind: Enroll in Mental Boot Camp
	Chapter Eleven: Finally Fulfilled
About the Author
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Praise for Feed Your Soul

“Finally, a book that takes you past the diets and to-dos, to the heart of the
matter of what’s going on inside when it come to loving and nourishing your
body and feeling good in it. Witty, real, and wise, it’s food for the soul that will
show you how to approach what you eat and how you eat with self-love,
pleasure, and loving truth.”

— Christine Arylo, MBA, women’s leadership adviser and bestselling
author of

“Using the ancient wisdom of food as medicine, Carly Pollack is on a mission to
end the diet dogma once and for all and help us find just the right medicine for
our own bodies. I love her lighthearted style as she applies the spiritual
principles of awareness, balance, presence, nonjudgment, vibration, and
embodiment to having a body you love and a body that loves you. I’m inspired!”

— Gail Larsen, teacher and author of

“ is clearly the gift of a wise woman who has penetrated the
illusions that lead millions to an endless, frustrating relationship with diets.
Carly embraces and embodies the first principle of the great alchemists: ‘As
above, so below.’ She invites you into a loving relationship with yourself so
food becomes a blessing; when you live your love, your food becomes alive in
you as an embodiment of your love, and love is the ultimate harmony. With
Carly’s guidance and support, you will learn not only to eat for your unique,
individual needs but also to love, honor, and respect yourself; and anyone who
finds their center becomes a blessing to the world.”

— Paul Chek, HHP, founder of CHEK Institute

“I love Carly Pollack’s new book, . It is a real, humbling guide to
help you unearth the truth about your relationship with food and with your body,
as well as the most important relationship you will ever have — the one with

Page 82

that you see a holistic MD, a naturopath, a certified clinical nutritionist like
myself, or someone you trust who can run lab tests and uncover the deeper issue
for you. Whatever the case, do not lose hope. The body has a miraculous ability
to heal itself, and no matter how long it has been imbalanced, it is always trying
to restore itself to health. When you get healthy, your weight will stabilize as

Being on a diet is not a bad thing. Everyone is on a diet. Make sure
your emotions around your food protocol are positive and that you
view any food rules as self-created loving boundaries that allow you
to feel fantastic.
You can transcend all diet dogma by making it a practice to eat foods
that are unprocessed and alive — foods that rot and spoil make you
feel alive!
Heal your digestive issues so you can hear the body’s feedback as to
what is and isn’t working.
Finding your unique medicine is quite easy when you start listening
to the true language of your body.
Stress will cause hormonal imbalance, which makes it hard for you
to lose weight. This should be addressed before you examine
exercise and diet.

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Make It Stick

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arly Pollack is the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, a thriving holistic
health private practice based in Austin, Texas. She is a certified clinical
nutritionist specializing in holistic nutrition and spiritual advancement.
Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin four years running

and has helped more than fifteen thousand people achieve their health and
happiness goals. Carly has lectured all over the country for incredible
organizations such as Facebook, Whole Foods Market, Texas Women’s
Conference, Livestrong Foundation, Lululemon, Atlassian, Frog Design,
WeWork, Techstars, Flatwater Foundation, and the Texas Medical Association,
among many more.

To sign up for Carly’s weekly newsletters and free advice, go to For individual coaching, check out her private practice

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