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While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this
book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or

omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the
information contained herein.


First edition. August 18, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 D.Méndez.

Written by D.Méndez.


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He said he didn’t steal the car.

He .. ...the car

She said she was the one who had made the mistake.

She ... .. the mistake

If only I had not waited for so long.

I ... for so long.

I try no to eat too late at night.

I try... ...too late at night.

When the wall is finished, I’ll let you know.

When ... , I’ll let you know.

He barely managed not to be run over by a bus.

He... ...over by a bus.

Is it OK if I smoke here?

Do ... ... here?

I like to play football at the weekend.

I ... at the weekend.

I find it difficult not to laugh every time I remember what happened.

I... ...every time I remember what happened.

I had to control myself not to buy a new computer.

I had... ...a new computer.

I didn’t feel like drinking out of such a dirty glass.

I... out of such a dirty glass.

deny, admit, regret, stop, prevent, cannot help, enjoy, mind, escape, finish,
avoid, always...

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