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stretch out time


andy wilson

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Ads: Melody Maker, May 26 1973

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Stretch Out Time: Faust 1970-75

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On thoughts without end
and which by turning over lose direction.
All of my moods and my desires,
my solitary failure.

Péron’s guitar occasionally sounds rough but he has the knack
of finding attractive guitar figures that float along, allowing
the rest of the group to do their thing against the framework
he provides. This time he is flying almost solo and carries it off
nicely, as he would later on tracks such as Cendre.

The words tell the story of what could be a day out shopping
with Rudolf followed by Péron’s reflections about the trip,
himself and his room. I imagine the shopping trip and room are
based in Wümme. What better way could there be to end this,
the last of the awesome Wümme albums, than by recalling the
‘thoughts without end’ that occurred there?

Less focused than the debut, The Faust Tapes is still
completely compelling. There are grounds for thinking that this
was Sosna’s project, his tribute to Zappa; certainly he did much
of the editing and mixing. While he borrows his inspiration from
Uncle Meat and Lumpy Gravy, in line with his character, Sosna
takes their techniques to another level - wilder and more extreme
than the originals. The abrupt editing of the material adds to
the impact by letting the elements of Faust’s music stand out
more sharply than ever before, heightening the music’s spikey,
disruptive force. As with the first album, technical and formal
shortcomings end up working in the album’s favour. That it is
finally not quite as strong as the debut hardly matters: this is
the Faust record that has shaken listeners and made them think
again about what is possible.

Faust IV

We did everything from jazz to imitating church choirs.
We dissected and examined everything, just like children
at play. We looked very closely at the combination of
sounds... There’s a reason that a fire engine makes that
sound, it was chosen deliberately. All these things carry

Jochen Irmler

Virgin �974

Of Faust’s early releases, history has this one marked down
as the runt. The idea is that Faust had finally been neutered

by Nettelbeck’s commercial
instinct, that he was desperate
for the group to make their
breakthrough, forced them to
write pop songs and mixed the
album with Graupner to make
sure that they sounded more
like pop songs. There may be
something in this. It is true
that Nettelbeck for the first
time got to decide what went
on the record, a privilege he
seized for himself, much to the

band’s annoyance. But if his intervention was planned to produce

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The Wümme Years
5 CDs, book and box
The definitive edition of the collected recordings from Wümme.
Comprising the first two Polydor albums, Faust and So Far; The Faust

Tapes (re-mastered with track listing); 7�
Minutes (originally released by ReR from
tapes collected by Uwe Nettelbeck) and
BBC Sessions (the historic radio session,
actually recorded at Wümme, with
substantial extra material, some of it
never released in any other form) plus
a 40 page booklet including specially
made interviews with band members
Jean-Hervé Péron and Jochen Irmler,

reclusive producer Uwe Nettlebeck and legendary sound engineer
Kurt Graupner; an eyewitness memoir by Peter Blegvad and many
photographs, some from private collections, published here for the first
time. In a word, definitive.

For a discount price copy direct from the label contact:
ReR Megacorp
79 Beulah Rd
Thornton Heath
Surrey CR7 8JG
quote - ‘AW Faust Book Offer’
email: [email protected]
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