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Mission Success Starts With Safety

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA):
Concepts and Applications

Bill Vesely

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Mission Success Starts With Safety

Inductive and Deductive Modeling are the
Two Basic Types of Modeling

• Inductive models forwardly induce the consequences
of an event.

• Deductive models backwardly deduce the causes of
an event.

Event Forward Looking Logic Consequences

Induce Forwards

Event Backward Looking Logic Causes

Deduce Backwards


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Mission Success Starts With Safety

Examples of CCFs Usually Included
in FTA

• Redundant sensors having a common calibration

• Redundant components that can be left in the wrong
configuration due to a common test or maintenance

• Redundant components that are supplied by the
same supplier that have not been independently

• Redundant components that have common
processing that are not subsequently independently


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Mission Success Starts With Safety

Modeling of CCFs in a FT

• When considered applicable, a CCF contribution
needs to be added to independent failures of similar

• The AND gate of independent failures is expanded
to become an OR gate with the independent failure
contribution plus the CCF contribution



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Mission Success Starts With Safety

FTA Project Management Tasks (3)

• Review the work at stages
– FT construction
– Qualitative evaluations
– Quantitative evaluations

• Check and validate the results
– Engineering logic checks
– Consistency checks with experience

• Prepare and disseminate the draft report
– Conclusions/findings
– FTA results
– FTs
– Software inputs/outputs

• Obtain feedback and modify and final report
– Disseminate the report
– Present findings


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Mission Success Starts With Safety


• “Fault Tree Handbook with Aerospace Applications’,
Version 1.1, NASA Publication, August 2002.


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