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TitleFault Codes
Tags Battery (Electricity) Random Access Memory Power Supply Digital Signal Processing
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RXOCFFC1A0 Reset, failed restart attempt

RXOCFFC1A1 Reset, power on

RXOCFFC1A10 Indoor temperatu out of safe range

RXOCFFC1A12 DC voltage out of range

RXOCFFC1A14 Local bus fault

RXOCFFC1A15 RBS database corrupted

RXOCFFC1A16 RU database corrupted

RXOCFFC1A17 HW and IDB inconsistent

RXOCFFC1A18 Internal configuration failed

RXOCFFC1A19 Indoor temperatur above safe range

RXOCFFC1A2 Reset, switch

RXOCFFC1A20 Indoor temperatur below safe range

RXOCFFC1A3 Reset, SW fault

RXOCFFC1A4 Reset, watchdog

RXOCFFC1A5 Reset, RAM fault

RXOCFFC1A6 Reset, internal function change

RXOCFFC1A7 X bus fault

RXOCFFC1A8 Timing unit VCO fault

RXOCFFC1A9 Timing bus fault

RXOCFFC1B4 L/R SWI (BTS in local mode)

RXOCFFC1B5 L/R TI (Local to remote while link lost)

RXOCFFC2A0 Reset, failed restart attempt

RXOCFFC2A1 Reset, power on

RXOCFFC2A10 DXU optional EEPROM checksum fault


RXOCFFC2A12 RX maxgain/mingain violated

RXOCFFC2A13 Timing unit VCO ageing

RXOCFFC2A14 CDU supervision/comunication lost

RXOCFFC2A15 VSWR/Output power supervision lost

RXOCFFC2A16 Indoor temperature out of normal conditional range

RXOCFFC2A17 Indoor humidity

RXOCFFC2A18 DC voltage out of range

RXOCFFC2A19 Power system in stand-alone mode

RXOCFFC2A2 Reset, switch

RXOCFFC2A20 External power fault

RXOCFFC2A21 Internal power capacity reduced

RXOCFFC2A22 Battery backup capacity reduced

RXOCFFC2A23 Climate capacity reduced

RXOCFFC2A24 Coolor capacity reduced

RXOCFFC2A25 Heater capacity reduced

RXOCFFC2A26 Climate sensor fault

RXOCFFC2A27 System voltage sensor fault

RXOCFFC2A28 A/D converter fault

RXOCFFC2A29 Varistor fault

RXOCFFC2A3 Reset, watchdog

RXOCFFC2A30 Local bus fault

RXOCFFC2A31 High-frequency software fault

RXOCFFC2A32 Non-volatile memory corrupted

RXOCFFC2A33 RX diversity lost

RXOCFFC2A34 Output voltage fault

RXOCFFC2A35 Optional synchronisation source

RXOCFFC2A36 RU database corrupted

RXOCFFC2A37 Circuit breaker tripped

RXOCFFC2A38 Default values used

RXOCFFC2A39 RX cable disconnected

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