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Page 203

try again.)

you’re not on it.)

(On it?)

(Your percept has it as wasted effort.)

(He’s not here.)

(I leaked again?)


(AA is
in a pattern. I’m not very smart, hut my percept is, you can’t

change it but you have to try.)

(Once more, only once more.)

have I heard that before!)

(I owe
it to him, is that the way you put it?)

(One more. But it gets kind of rough from
here on.)

Page 405

Investigation into the Preconditions, Characteristics, and Beliefs Associated with
the Out-of-the-Body Experience.” Unpublished doctoral System, Inc., a position
he held until mid-1956. He then became presi-dissertation, 1975. t Gabbard, G.
O., Twemlow, S. W., and Jones, F. “Do Near Death dent of Laury Associates,
which brought him into ownership and opera-Experiences tion of radio stations
in North Carolina and Virginia. He also formed Occur Only When Near Death?”
Submitted for publication 1980; preprint Jefferson Cable Corporation, which, as
president, he guided in the con-available from the corresponding author.
Twemlow, S. W., and Gabbard, G. O. “The struction and operation of cable-TV
systems in Charlottesville and OBE as an Overdetermined State of
Consciousness.” Manuscript available from the corresponding author.

Waynesboro, Virginia—a position he held until April 1976.

Mr. Monroe’s major avocation in recent years has been exploration and research
into practical methods of accelerated learning through expanded forms of
consciousness. To augment such activity, he founded the Monroe Institute of
Applied Sciences in 1973, with facilities and laboratories at Afton, Virginia.
With his long and varied experience in sound, it was natural that he utilized this
medium for his investigation. One of the results of his work was a method and
technique of inducing relaxation and sleep, which was granted a generic patent
in 1975. The technique employs a system of audio pulses which create a
frequency-following response in the human brain. By this method, it is now
possible to hold and maintain specific stages of sleep for any depth and duration
in the average person. A later development at the Institute has utilized the same
methods and technique in a form of “binaural beats” to create synchronization of
both left and right hemispheres in the human brain. The unique coherent brain
state that results is known as hemispheric synchronization, or “Hemi-Sync.” This
discovery also permits external control of the degree of activity of either right or
left brain. These two patterns, when employed in an ordered sequence to achieve
specific effects, offer a significant gateway to new understanding and application
of human thought and endeavor.

Along with others, the Monroe Institute (now located in Nelson County,
Virginia) is exploring the potentials of such methods in all areas of individual
and cultural activity.

Page 406

Mr. Monroe, as executive director and founder of the Institute, still plays an
active part in this educational-research organization. He is author of the book

(Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1971; Anchor Press
edition, 1977), which has been published in five languages worldwide. With his
family, he lives on his farm in Nelson County, Virginia, near the Institute

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