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person does any act towards committing


Recognizes rateable distribution. Does not recognize rateable distribution.

If the legatee dies before testator, the legacy lapses

and goes back to the testator.

The legacy lapses only if the legatee dies

without heirs otherwise, it goes to legatee's


Legatee must accept the legacy after the death of

the testator.

Legatee can accept the legacy even before

the death of the testator.

Differences between Will and Gift

Gift Will

It is an immediate transfer of right or

It is a transfer after death.

Delivery of possession is necessary. Delivery of possession is not necessary.

Subject of gift must exist at the time of

making gift.

Subject of will must exist at the time of death of

the testator.

Right of donor is unrestricted. It is limited up to 1/3rd of the property.

Cannot be revoked. Can be revoked by making another will.

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