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One Year Of Praise & Worship Page 90

360 Your Steadfast Love Lam 3:22-23
Ted Sandquist © Integrity’s Hosanna Music

F Bb F/C C F

Your steadfast love , extends to the heavens

F Eb Bb Gm Gm Am Bb C

Your faithfulness reaches to the clo - uds

Bb C F C F

Your righteousness is like majestic mountains

Am Dm Gm

And Your wisdom like the depth of the seas

C F Bb F

And You come to me

F Eb Bb F/C C F

Fi - lling my heart with Your loving kindness

F Eb Bb Gm Gm Am Bb C

I find my peace in the shadow of Your wings

Bb C F C F

I eat my fill from the abundance of Your household

Am Dm Gm

And I drink from the streams of rejoicing

C F Dm Gm C F Dm Gm C F Dm Gm C F Dm

You are my King, You are my King You are my King, You are my King

Gm C F

You are my King

361 You're The Song Of My Heart
Merla Watson © 1984 Catacombs Production

E B/Eb A/Db F#m E/B B

You're the love of my life You're the joy of my mor - ning


You're the song of my heart and I will praise your holy name

E A B/Eb E C#m F#m B E A B/Eb E

Singing Halle - lujah Singing Halle – lu - jah Singing Halle - lujah

A B C#m F#m B E

I will bless Your Holy Name I will bless Your Holy Name

362 Zimbabwe Must Be Saved

G C G Em C D G

If you believe and I believe And we together pray

C/G G G7/E Am D G

The Holy Spirit shall come down And Zimbabwe must be saved

D D7

Zimbabwe must be saved Zimbabwe must be saved

C/G C G Em Am D G

The Holy Spirit must come down Zimbabwe must be saved

363 Zita RaJesu
Peter Sabaya ©2001 Faith Ministries (Chorus from Malibongwe)

F F/G F/A Gm C F Dm Gm C

Zita raJesu rakanaka Kupfuura maruva anosva - va

F F/G F/A Gm C F Dm Gm C

Huswa unooma Nzizi dzinoderera Asi zita raJesu haripfuuri


F Gm Bb C G Dm Gm C

Ngarivongwe, ngarivongwe Ngarivongwe zita raJesu (Repeat)

Zita raJesu idanho reruzivo Kuramba umire naro Woziva chokwadi

Mapenzi ongwariswa Vatadzi vopinduka Povotenda muzita raJesu



Amen roponesa…

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