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is, it would be what is the history or how did we get here. I think good teachers

do this, but may not call it critical pedagogy.

She added that the difficulty in having unified explanations of critical pedagogy resulted

in many different names for similar teaching methods. Jo relayed a story of doing

graduate research looking for courses in race and education. What she found was that

there were no clear correlations between any of the schools and their classes. Some had

them and some did not. “What the problem was is that it was difficult to look at it from

that specific standpoint, and it’s the same problem with critical pedagogy.” Being

difficult to define may actually be the intention of critical pedagogy.

When I asked Jake how he would define critical pedagogy, he replied, “I

wouldn’t.” While he didn’t consider himself a critical pedagogue he had a very clear

understanding of it and a very real critique of those who consider themselves critical

pedagogues, which in many ways became the defining difference between those

characterized as DSD’s and CAPs in this study. Jake, explained that “critical pedagogy is

supposed to be about empowerment and empowerment in the 60’s was about ‘black

power’ and that meant actually doing something.” The main difference between those

who this study characterized as DSD’s and CAPs hinged on whether or not the

participants actually provided their students with the skills and guidance to take action.

Jake explained that action could and should be scary, but that doesn’t matter because

faculty are much more focused on their careers now than they were in the past. “Faculty

are very good at writing papers, but not very good at the real world. Academia is a very

self-indulgent thing, a self-focused place.” Jake admitted that he wasn’t as involved in

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