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Table of Contents
                            Expert Podcasting Practices For Dummies
	About the Authors
	Authors’ Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table Of Contents
		About This Book
		What You’re Not to Read
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Conventions Used in This Book
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Planning Out a Podcast
		Practice 1: Selecting the Right Topic for Your Podcast
			Taking Inventory of Your Interests
			Filling a Niche by Focusing on a Specific Area of Interest
			Narrowing Your Focus to Make Your Show Unique
			Broadening Your Focus to Appeal to New Listeners
		Practice 2: Keeping Up with the Joneses
			Watching Podcast Directories
			Successful Searching Strategies
			Managing Information Overload
			Staying Connected to the Offline World
		Practice 3: Staffing Your Podcast for Success
			Choosing the Right Host
			Choosing the Support Staff
		Practice 4: Podcast Studio Considerations
			Designing a Studio with Built-in Flexibility
			Location, Location, Location: Podcasting from a Room in Your Home
			Unconventional Options for Your Studio
			A Professional Look for a Professional Sound
		Practice 5: Stick to the Script!
			Of Intros and Outros
			Creating a Standard Voiceover for Your Show
			Middle Management: Planning the Main Part of Your Show
			Writing for Your Podcast
		Practice 6: Transitions, Timing, and Cues
			Making Transitions with Bumpers and Rejoiners
			Pauses Are a Good Thing
			Using Signals and Signs to Keep the Conversation Flowing Smoothly
			Fade In, Fade Out
		Practice 7: Reviewing Your Podcast with a Critical Eye
			Accessing Audio Quality
			Finding the Perfect Length for Your Show
			Critiquing the Content of Your Show
			Evaluating Your Supporting Materials
		Practice 8: T-Minus Five Episodes . . .
			The Blog: Your Personal Hype Machine
			Does It Have to Be Five Episodes
	Part II: Going for a Professional Sound
		Practice 9: Upgrading Your Headphones
			Why Focus on Headphones?
			Before You Jump for Those $300 Headphones . . .
			What to Look for in Headphones
			Listen Up!
		Practice 10: Selecting the Right Microphone
			Choosing the Best Microphone for you
			My Mama Told Me, “You Better Shop Around”
			Can I Take This Mic for a Test Cast?
			Turning to Podcasts for Insight into Mics (And Other Audio Gear)
		Practice 11: Upgrading Your Software
			Working Beyond Audacity
			Working Beyond GarageBand
			Looking at the Major-League Players
			Deciding Whether to Upgrade
		Practice 12: Creating a Quiet, Happy Place
			Common Sources of Unwanted Ambient Noise
			The Podcaster’s Feng Shui
			Timing Is Everything
			Patience, Patience, Patience: Waiting Out the Noise
		Practice 13: Eliminating Ambient Noise
			Removing Unwanted Noise with a Noise Gate
			Reducing Noise in Post-Production
			The Best Noise-Reduction Device: You!
		Practice 14: One-Take Wonders
			And You’re Recording! (Good Luck.You’ll Need It.)
			The Method in the One-Take Madness
			What You Gain with One-Take Recording
		Practice 15: Multiplicity: Recording Multiple Takes
			Multiple Takes: Variety Is the Spice of Life (And Podcasting)
			Learning Tricks in the Take
			The Demands of Multiple Takes
			Understanding the Advantages of Multiple Takes
			Deciding Whether the Investment Is Worth It for You
		Practice 16: Podcasting from the Road
			Portable Podcasting: The Good,the Bad, and the Ugly
			Taking Your Show on the Road
			Could You Keep It Down?! I’m Podcasting!
	Part III: Post-Production Approaches
		Practice 17: Interviews from the Road
			Introducing a “Live on Location” Interview
			Working with VoIP: The Voice of a New Generation
			Improving Sound Quality on the Road
			Inserting Breaks into an Interview
			Wrapping up your Interview
		Practice 18: Setting Acceptable Sound Levels
			Controlling Volume: All the Gains in Stages
			Working with External Devices
			Level It Out
		Practice 19: Adding Special Effects
			Adding in Foley Effects and Filters
			Where Else Can I Find All These Cool Special Effects?
			Can I See Your License for These Special Effects, Sir?
			Too Much of a Good Thing Is . . .Too Much
		Practice 20: Adding Music
			Where to Find Good Music
			Independent Musicians: Creating a Synergy
			The Method to Mixing Music with Dialogue
			Fair Use 101: What Is and Isn’t“Fair” in Podcasting
		Practice 21: Editing Audio after Editing the Session
			Choosing the Format for Your Audio File
			Exporting Your Goods
			Making Edits: The First Cut Is the Deepest
		Practice 22: Taking Your Audio File into the Home Stretch
			Listening with a New Ear
			The Finishing Touches
			Pump It Up
			One More Time, with Feeling
		Practice 23: Creating a Perfect mp3 File
			Crunching the Numbers
			Preaching to the Converted
			Examining Other Formats
		Practice 24: Enhanced Podcasting
			What Is an Enhanced Podcast?
			Enhancements with a Cost
			Reasons Why You May Want to Enhance a Podcast
			Maintaining Two Feeds to Reach a Wider Audience
			Creating Enhanced Podcasts in GarageBand 3
			Creating Enhanced Podcasts in Podcast Maker
	Part IV: The Final Steps Before Episode #0
		Practice 25: Creating and Editing ID3 Tags
			The Miracle of ID3 Tags
			Tagging the Files and Editing the Tags
			The Essential Tags
			Additional Important Tags
			The Best Laid Plans . . .
		Practice 26: Adding a Blog to Your Podcast
			Why Use a Blog to Host Your Podcast?
			Blogging Solutions for Podcasters
			Podcasting with WordPress
			Installing and Configuring the PodPress Plug-in
			Adding a Media File with PodPress
			FeedBurner Feed Replacement Plug-in
			WP-Cache Plug-in
		Practice 27: Validating Your RSS Feed
			RSS Deconstructed
			RSS Reconstructed
			Avoiding Pitfalls
			Stop Worrying: Validate Your Feed Often
		Practice 28: Submitting to Podcast Directories
			Submitting Your Application
			Getting Listed in the Virtual Yellow Pages
			Checking Directory Sites Regularly
	Part V: Building Your Audience
		Practice 29: Creating a Promotional Plan
			Deciding When to Begin PromotingYour Podcast
			Why Promoting Before Episode #0 Is Beneficial
			Would You Play My Promo if I Asked Nicely?
		Practice 30: Tell Me About It: Recording Promos and Quickcasts
			What Is a Promo?
			My Name Is Tee, and This Is My Podcast . . .
			What Is a Quickcast?
		Practice 31: Advertising to Attract Listeners
			A Banner Day
			Money in Stereo: Audio Ads
			Advertising in News Publications
			Hitting the Streets
		Practice 32: Networking with Other Podcasters and Bloggers
			Communicating with Others in a Forum
			Contacting the Authors Directly
			Questions and Comments
		Practice 33: Spreading the Word with Social Media
			Getting the Word Out through Social Networks
			Using Bookmarking to Promote Your Podcast
			Virtually Promoting Your Podcast
		Practice 34: Soliciting and Incorporating Listener Feedback
			Is Your Show “Feedbackable?”
			Encouraging Your Listeners to Provide Feedback
			Adding Feedback as a Show Element
			Keeping Track of Conversations Off Your Site
		Practice 35: Getting Featured on Podcast Directories
			Making Your Numbers Count
			Two Thumbs Up!
			Building Bridges
		Practice 36:  Joining a Podcast Network
			Finding the Right Network for Your Podcast
			What Your Network Can Do for You
			What You Can (And Must) Do for Your Network
			Making the Decision
		Practice 37: Connecting with the Media
			Writing Press Releases
			Making Cold Calls
			Creating an Effective Press Kit
			The Follow-Up
		Practice 38: Talk to Me: Interviews
			The Interview Query
			Legal Releases: Podcasting Paperwork
			Finding Good Interview Subjects
			Interviewing Unconventional Experts
	Part VI: Creating a Video Podcast
		Practice 39: Video Podcasting
			Understanding the Demands of a Video Podcast
			Giving Yourself Enough Time to Produce
			Exploring Studio Accessories for Video Podcasting
			When to Say, “That’s a Wrap!”
		Practice 40: Editing Your Video Podcast with Adobe Premiere
			Editing Video in Adobe Premiere Pro
			Exporting Your Video for Podcasting
		Practice 41: Editing Your Video Podcast with Apple Final Cut Pro
			Editing Video with Final Cut Pro
			Exporting Your Video for Podcasting
		Practice 42: Posting and Distributing Your Video
			Distribution through Your Feed
			Posting on You Tube
			Posting on Google Video
			Embedding Your Google Video on Your Blog
			Posting on Lulu TV
	Part VII: Podcasting as a Business
		Practice 43: Deriving Revenue from Your Podcast
			Making Money “from” Your Podcast
			Making Money “Because of” Your Podcast
		Practice 44: Corporate Podcasting
			Great Expectations for Your Company’s Podcast
			Coloring within Corporate Lines
			Working with IT
			Working with Marketing and PR
			Knowing Your Audience
		Practice 45: Podcasting for Government and Not for-Profit Agencies
			Why Government and NFP Agencies Should Podcast
			Working within Government Guidelines
		Practice 46: Promotional Podcasting
			Examining What Goes into the Promotional Podcast
			Making Sure You Have a Plan for Your Promo
			Show’s Over — Nothing More to See Here
		Practice 47: Adding Advertising to Your Podcast
			Measuring Audience Demographics
			Building a Media Kit
			Establishing a Fair Rate
			Creating an Advertising Plan
			Creating an Insertion Order
			Handling Listener Complaints
			Does This Make You“ Commercial”?
	Part VIII: Reengineering Your Podcast
		Practice 48: Podfade Prevention
			Factors That Contribute to Podfading
			Taking a Break
			Reconnecting with Your Passion
			It’s a Great Idea for a Podcast,but . . .
		Practice 49: New Hosts, New Podcast?
			Heading Toward the Door
			We’d Like to Introduce to You . . .
			Taking a Step Back to Re-evaluate the Show
			Incorporating Changes to Your Show
		Practice 50: Change of Passion, Change of Podcast?
			Performing an Annual Evaluation
			Who’s Counting on You?
			Time for an Overhaul
			Drawing a New Crowd
		Practice 51: The Hard Podfade
			No Announcement, No More Show
			Good Night, and Good Luck
			The Yard Sale: Selling Your Podcast Rigs
	Appendix A: Bonus Content on the DVD
		System Requirements
		Using the DVD
		What You’ll Find on the DVD
		Customer Care
Document Text Contents
Page 1

by Tee Morris, Evo Terra,
and Ryan Williams

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PPrraacc ttiicc eess



01_149263 ffirs.qxp 10/25/07 9:07 PM Page iii

Page 2

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Page 229

Tagging the Files and Editing the Tags 207

All these applications, from user interaction to pro-
gram function, require that you — the creator of the
mp3 file — properly fill out the ID3 tags on your file
every time. When you get right down to it, ID3 tags
make it easy for others to figure out where the file
came from when they get curious. Besides, don’t
you want more traffic to your site? Don’t you want
more feedback from listeners? Don’t you want more
subscribers? Fill out your ID3 tags. It’ll help.

Tagging the Files and Editing
the Tags
The process of properly tagging your mp3 files is
quite simple. In fact, the application you’re using to
create or manage your mp3 files probably provides
you with the option to complete many of the tags.

While almost all audio-editing applications pro-
vide an interface to your mp3 file, they don’t
always allow maximum flexibility for your tags.
You may need to use a different application to
get the most out of your tagging.

iTunes remains the largest tool for managing
podcasts — for listeners and podcasters alike. It’s
also among the easier applications to edit ID3 tags
with. Figure 25-2 shows the editing screen for ID3
tags found in one of two ways:

� On a Mac: Press the Ô + I keyboard shortcut.

� On a PC: Select an mp3 file and then choose
File➪Get Info.

If you’re looking for the most flexibility possible,
you’ll probably want to invest in a dedicated ID3
editing application. The price tag is usually around
$20 to $30 — and many podcasters will happily fork
over this small outlay for some added convenience.
ID3X ( for the
Macintosh system is one of those tools; its editing
interface is displayed in Figure 25-3.

• Figure 25-2: iTunes allows you to edit some, but not all,
of the ID3 tags quickly and easily.

• Figure 25-3: ID3X is a full-featured ID3 tag-editing

32_149263 ch25.qxp 10/25/07 9:27 PM Page 207

Page 230

Practice 25: Creating and Editing ID3 Tags208

Resist the temptation to use special characters
(such as an * or ~) at the front of your show
name. Yes, these tricks may cause your show
to have a higher alphabetical listing than it
would normally, but they also make it very
hard for your listeners to find your content.
They are already subscribed, so you don’t
need to find ways to trick them into listening
to you first.


The Artist field displays the name of the host or
podcast crew responsible for the episode. Much like
the Album field, this tag should remain constant
throughout your show’s lifetime. Apple’s iTunes
system uses the Artist tag for grouping files together
in the directory structure. Changing the contents of
the Artist field will (again) cause your content to be
scattered around a listener’s system.

The contents of this field need not be the full and
legal names of your hosts. If Fred Flintstone and
Barney Rubble are the hosts, the phrase Fred &
Barney may be simpler to use and easier on every-
one. However, you should use this method of trunca-
tion only if the same diminutives are used on the
show. Why hide from your audience?

In addition, don’t feel obligated to list the entire
crew in this field, or to add in special guests. (The
Comment field may be more appropriate for that
information.) Bottom line: Keeping this field short
and consistent saves you from scattering your
content around.


This field is accessible by many mp3 players and is
best used to provide portable extra information
about the show. Where other fields are designed to
be short and sweet, you can get rather lengthy in
this field without issues. Some podcasters choose to
insert their entire show notes for a particular
episode in this field.

The Essential Tags

All of this is great stuff, and you need to do it.
But please DO NOT skip the last part of this
practice where we discuss the monkey wrench
that using iTunes as a podcatcher will intro-
duce to your well-thought-out plans. And no
reading ahead!

There are quite a few ID3 tags available, though
most podcasters (and most applications, for that
matter) use only a handful of them. (Your mileage
may vary.) The next few sections form a list, in
alphabetical order, of the essential tags you should
use to describe and identify your mp3 files — every

ID3 tags were designed for describing music
files, so some of them may not make obvious
sense when you’re adding them to your file.
Bear with us; the podcast listening devices
make use of the tags we’re suggesting
you use.


This piece of information is the primary anchor
of your show. It appears on most mp3 players’
screens — and should be relatively consistent from
episode to episode. Ideally, it never changes unless
the title of your show changes. If your show is called
Today in iPhone, then that’s what you put in the
Album field of the file. Keep in mind that some play-
ers, like the hugely popular iPod, will use the Album
tag to group episodes together in the player. If you
change the name of your Album from episode to
episode, your files become harder for your listeners
to find.

You can use as many characters as you like in the
Album field, but anything longer than 30 characters
(including spaces) may get truncated on the display
screens of portable mp3 players.

32_149263 ch25.qxp 10/25/07 9:27 PM Page 208

Page 457


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