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TitleEvidence Ateneo Law Reviewer
TagsEvidence Law Pleading Evidence Judicial Notice Parol Evidence Rule
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Table of Contents
                            People v. Givera 349 SCRA 573 (Jan. 2001)
People v. Peralta 350 SCRA 198 (Jan. 2001)
	Present Recollection Revived
	Past Recollection Recorded
People v. Banzales 336 SCRA 64 (July 2000)
People v. Pedigero 337 SCRA 274 (Aug. 2000)
People v. Rayos 7 Feb. 2001
	Proof of Previous Conviction
People v. Nardo 1 Mar. 2001
	Medical/Chemical Evidence
People v. Nubla 19 June 2001

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