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02th March – 06th March 2009

1.0 Rationale :

English can be learnt through various activities which can be more fun and
enjoyable as well as giving information and able to create a positive English
speaking environment. Therefore, English week is organized as to give the
chance of expressing and learning English in fun way through various activities
that are quite different from classroom activities.

2.0 Objectives :

1. To be able to communicate to each other in simple communicative
language through various activities.

2. To create an English-speaking environment amongst pupils and teachers.
3. To use simple greetings among the pupils and teacher.

3.0 Target group

This programme is involving the teachers and pupils from phase 1 and phase 2
of SK Malinsau with English language teachers and ETeMs teachers to be put in

4.0 Duration of programme

The programme will be held for a week starting on 07th April until 11th April 2008.
On the launching, the assembly will be conducted in English and the whole week

5.0 Schedule/ Activities

The schedule and activities of programme are as follows:

Activities Teacher in charge Day/date
1. Story telling Mrs. Siti Ajar Suboh 03th March (Tuesday)
2. Spelling Bee Mr. Kipli Kiok 04th March (Wednesday)
3. Singing competition
(9-10 pupils involve)

Mr. Dequincey Derrano 05th March (Thursday)

4. Explorace Kids
(20 pupils involve)

Mr. Mr. Walter James
Mr. Mr. Kipli Kiok

02th March (Monday)

5. Opening and Closing
ceremony and prize

Mrs. Siti Ajar Suboh 06th March (Friday)

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