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With all Thanks, Love and Gratitude to Swami Devi

Dhyani and all the helpers like Franco Masellis who

make these books and DVDs possible.

With all Thanks, Love and Gratitude to my Mother

and Father and to all my other Teachers, Theos

Bernard, Sri Yogendra, Eric Berne, Gurdjieff, Father

Bede Griffiths, Osho, Zen Master Hogen, Swami

Sivananda, Swami Satchitananda, and all the other

giants upon whose shoulders I stand - who made me

able to be what� I AM � Swami Satchidanand

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Energy Enhancement
Meditation and the Bhagavad
Gita CH11 V53 to 55: Removal

of Energy Blockages
Bhagavad Gita CH11 V53. The study of Sacred Scriptures, Practise
of Austerities, Gifts of Charity and even Self Sacrifice will not earn
anyone the power of Psychic Vision.

No, already you are perfect. Yet it is only those negative energy
blockages which are corrupting your system which are preventing
the energy of Kundalini from powering your psychic powers and
your ability to perform.

All the therapies and spiritual techniques, some of which are named
above and used successfully for thousands of years are only used
to remove the veils of the selfish competitive ego which prevent the
light of the psychic vision entering into your psychic eyes.

All spiritual techniques are for self refinement or removal of the
selfish competitive ego, and the Opening of the Heart and thus for
Soul Realisation.

Your Soul, Intuition, Higher Self is always there but usually blocked
by Energy Blockages. Your Heart is always there but usually blocked
by energy blockages.

Bhagavad Gita CH11 V54, �Only by constant and steady devotion
can God be seen and Realised in its most high and Cosmic Form, oh

Arjuna is the average guy.

The little or personal self, the corrupt mind containing negative and
self sabotaging thoughts, psychic viruses, negative programming
must be refined or de-bugged and not in a little way. ALL of the
negative programming must be removed by a constant and steady

As it says in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Enlightenment comes
after spiritual practise, for a long time, constantly and with

Bhagavad Gita CH11 V55, �Whoever desires release from all pain
and troubles through access to the highest energies and thus
completely devotes himself to this task. Who offers all his actions
to that higher task, who sheds all personal and selfish attachments


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and feelings of ill will towards any other person, creature or thing,
Arjuna that person surely enters into me.�

These are some of the tests or proofs of enlightenment so you can
see how well you are doing. Seeing yourself clearly leads to

Remember, you are 99% perfect, but seeing that one percent of
imperfection clearly, can lead to the removal of that imperfection.
There is no failure, only feedback!

Do not take anything personally. Remember you can expect and
depend on people who are unenlightened to act in an
unenlightened way unless by your skill, you can avoid that. And the
Mastery of this low energy plane comes from the skill with which
YOU work!

Put your trust in God but tether our camel!

Many people worship the instruction book. Oh Holy spiritual text.
Take me up to Heaven!

Yet who manages to, even after two thousand years of teaching,
Turn the other cheek. as Jesus Christ said, when someone or even
life itself beats on you? Remember, these are the tests of

When your clothes are dirty is the cloth any less white? Simply by
removing the dirt by the use of soap, another piece of dirt or
spiritual technique, the linen will be seen again as white. And this is
the process of Spiritual Therapy and Energy Enhancement
Meditation in Twenty Eight Initiations.

The Purification Process is a Process of Refinement which is easier
than Life. The Alchemists say that the process of life is like the
Normal Process of Purifying Gold Ore. How do you Purify the Gold?
Well, you heat it up to 1000 degrees centigrade in the furnace.
Then you take it out and put it on the Anvil. Then you BEAT the
CRAP out of it!

Much Easier and Faster: Speed Up the Process of Enlightenment
Itself through the techniques of Energy Enhancement Meditation to

Easily Remove the Dirt.

Easily Remove the Toxins.

Easily Remove the Impurities.

Easily Remove the Psychic Programs.

Easily Remove the Energy Blockages.


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