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Annual Report 2014-15



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NASSCOM, a not-for-profit organisation with an
objective to build a growth led and sustainable
technology and business services sector in the country.


BEST PRACTICES, sharing and collaboration

International PARTNERSHIPS and policy

WORKFORCE development



NASSCOM ANNuAl repOrt 2014-1502

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annual revieW: 2014

WtO to NASSCOM for making a
joint submission.

Parliamentary committee on Cyber

DSCI supported the DeitY by involving
industry in the discussions led by
the parliamentary Committee on the
spread of cyber pornography among
children in Mumbai, Bengaluru,
Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa.

Meetings in Washington

Meetings with the uS trade
representative office, FtC and
World Bank officials were held in
Washington DC to discuss issues
related to cross border data flows,
localisation of ICt infrastructure and
existing enforcement mechanisms
in the uS-eu Safe Harbor and
ApeC Cross Border privacy
rules (CBprs).

Thought leadership

DSCI Certification Programme

In 2012, the DSCI Assessment
Framework-privacy (DAF-p)© was
published to help organisations
provide assurance to external
stakeholders on the implementation
of a privacy programme based on
DpF©. In 2013, the DSCI Certified
privacy lead Assessor (DCplA©)
training programme was launched
across the country to teach resources
to conduct privacy assessments.
till today total 315 professionals
have been trained from over 110
organisations. DSCI additionally
tied up with leading auditing firms
for assessing organisations for the

through the establishment of a Center
of excellence.


DSCI participated in the India-uS ICt
JWG meeting in Washington DC and
presented the Indian industry views
on cyber security, cloud computing,
data localisation, cross border data
flows and Internet governance. As
part of the government-industry
track, DSCI made a presentation
on the existing ppp initiatives in the
domain of cyber security, the impact
of the restrictions on cross border
data flows on the Indian It industry
and data localisation issues including
those related to lawful access to data
in the Cloud.

eCommerce Issues

DSCI representatives discussed
the to discuss issues related to
the eCommerce industry and the
proposal presented by the uS, eu
and Japan at the WtO in a meeting
hosted by the DoC. these included:
efforts facilitating the growth of
eCommence in India; FDI; taxation;
localisation of servers; access of
data in the Cloud and cross border
data flows and data protection.
these aspects of eCommerce have
policy implications for the It services
industry, which does not support
data localisation. DSCI stated that
the effort of some countries to inhibit
the flow of data in the name of public
policy objectives like privacy, needed
to be opposed by India. Based on a
request of the DoC, DSCI prepared
and submitted its response to the
proposals being discussed at the

DSCI privacy Certification. Vodafone
India – Delhi Circle became the first
telecom organisation to be declared
‘DSCI privacy Certified’ (DpC©).
later in the year DSCI also launched
a mass certification – DSCI Certified
privacy professional (DCpp©) aimed
to build capacity and developing
workforce for privacy in the country.
the certification programme is for
aspiring professionals, who want to
enter the field of privacy.

Engagement with BIS on
development of International
standards at ISO

DSCI has been leading efforts in
close engagement with the BIS to
institutionalise the participation of the
industry in the international standards
developmental process. DSCI has
been contributing in the development
of international standards at ISO,
notably in the cloud and privacy
domains. It is also working towards
organising the next meeting of the
WG in October 2015 in India. this
will be the first time SC27 meetings
will be held in India.

MoU with TRUSTe

Mou signed with truSt-e to explore
development of joint privacy seal
programme for websites in India.

National Skill development in
cyber security

DSCI worked with the DeitY, Ministry
of labor and NSDC to push the
inclusion of security content in
vocational courses. A proposal has
been submitted for skill development
in information security domain

DSCI has been contributing in the
development of international standards
at ISO, notably in the cloud and
privacy domains.

NASSCOM ANNuAl repOrt 2014-1550

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annual revieW: 2014

academia interactions in the areas of
cyber laws and data protection.

Paper on Data Localisation

DSCI prepared a discussion paper
on ‘Data localisation’ based on the
DSCI-BSA Workshop held during
BpM 2014.

Outreach and awareness

Annual Information Security

Information Security Summit was
held in Mumbai in December, 2014,
drawing over 600 participants, 123
speakers and featuring 52 sessions
and 7 workshops and roundtable
meetings and 10 keynote addresses
the programme was spread over
three days, during which a number of
workshops and roundtables around
specific themes were held to promote
security approaches and solutions.

DSCI Best Practices Meet 2014

the sixth edition of DSCI Best
practices Meet (BpM) was held in
July, 2014. the event drew over
300 industry professionals, 61
speakers and covered 24 sessions
including multiple parallel track
discussions, breakfast meets and
keynote addresses.

DSCI Excellence Awards 2014

DSCI rolled out the 4th edition of
the DSCI excellence Awards for
the corporate and law enforcement
segments. the Awards ceremony
was held in December 2014.
this year, the nomination forms

to NSDC.

e-Security Index of India

DeitY awarded the ‘e-Security Index-
phase II’ project to DSCI. execution
of the project is underway. DSCI is
meetings with key government and
industry stakeholders organised
to solicit inputs. First phase of this
project was successfully completed
in August 2013.

DSCI-BSA report released

DSCI-BSA report on ‘Security
Considerations in Software
procurement by government
Agencies in India’ was released.
the study takes a detailed look at
the Indian government’s and its
various agencies’ existing software
procurement policies and aims to
help streamline the central and
state governments’ procurement
processes while minimising
security threats.

Strategic Partnership with Leading
Law Institutions

recognising the need to increase
the skill base of cyber security
professionals in India and nurture the
next generation talent in this field,
DSCI forged into collaboration with
leading institutions in India including
Jindal Global law School of the O.p
Jindal Global university (JGu) and
National law School of India university
(NlSIu). programmes in association
with DSCI includes development of
course materials on cyber security;
undertake collaborative research;
conduct joint skill development
programmes; support industry-

were overhauled for the corporate
segment to include objectivity in the
assessment questionnaire. DSCI
received 102 nominations for 15
categories in the corporate segment
— the highest since the institution of
the awards and 26 nominations in
the law enforcement segment. An
analysis based on the nominations
was also presented and was well
received by the industry.

2nd Hyderabad Security

DSCI organised the Hyderabad
Security Conference in September,
2014 at the Novotel and HICC
Complex in Hyderabad. the second
edition of this event witnessed
participation of over 180 security
professionals participated in
the conclave.

Launch of CCFP-IN

(ISC)², in co-operation with DSCI,
developed the Certified Cyber
Forensics professional (CCFpSM)
programme for the benefit of cyber
forensic professionals in India. the
goal was to localise the certification
programme highlighting the legal
and procedural aspects in it. the
CCFpSM certification programme
was delivered through workshops
co-hosted by (ISC)² and DSCI in New
Delhi and Bengaluru.

Seminar on Android Secure

DSCI organised a seminar on ‘Android
Secure Computing’ in association with
Cert-In and with experts from the
Japan Computer emergency response

Annual Information
Security Summit-2014

600+ participants
123 speakers
52 sessions
7 workshops

NASSCOM ANNuAl repOrt 2014-15 51

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