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TitleElements of Environmental Engineering: Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Third Edition
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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Basic Chemical Thermodynamics
Chapter 3. Multicomponent Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Chapter 4. Applications of Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Chapter 5. Concepts from Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Chapter 6. Applications of Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Systems
Appendix 1: Properties of Selected Chemicals of Environmental Significance
Appendix 2: Standard Free Energy. Enthalpy, and Entropy of Formation for Compounds of Environmental Significance
Appendix 3: Selected Fragement (bj) and Structureal Factors (Bk) for Octanol-Water Partition Constant Estimation
Appendix 4; Concentration Units for Compartments in Environmental Engineering
Appendix 5: Dissociation Constants for Environmentnally Significant Acids and Bases
Appendix 6: Bond Contributions to Log Kaw for the Meylan and Howard Model
Appendix 7: Regression Analysis (the Linear Least-Squares Methodology)
Appendix 8: Error Function and Complementary Error Function Definitions
Appendix 9: Cancer Slope Factor and Inhalation Unit Risk for Selected Carcinogens
Appendix 10: U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards
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