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                            Our group’s main goal here is to help teachers. We thought that one of the problem of teachers is computing their students’ grades so we created this EGS (Electronic Grading System) to help them. Instead of using the old Ms. Excel to compute grades, we will use visual basic to make it easier. Sometimes just one mistake in Excel makes it go all wrong and you need to type all the needed formula just to compute it, unlike in Electronic Grading Sheet its automatic, no formulas needed. You will just enter the grade then voilà  you will have the grade.
It is also build to lessen the time used when doing students grades. The lesser time you used for working then the more time you’ll have for resting. More rest means less stress for teachers.
	By John Ranallo
[email protected]
	Grade Crossing Electronic Document Management System (GCEDMS)
	What is a Grade Crossing Electronic Document Management Systems?
Grading System Kiosk
	Computerized Grading System With Sms Capability
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	Automated Grading System

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