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\\m all men bij tee praettte
.^i> * A :.. /fat ii>/>& 1 11




paid by

the receipt whereof is hereby aehnoi^edged,^do hereby remise, releasd, and forever

QUITCLAIM unto the said <\ m \^.f..^:i..' <^&<?!U*£^^

^O.^ ^%:£<*s

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*7ie dbove-grante<l premises, with all the privileges and appurtenances

to the same belonging, to the said S*^^iJl^.7r'....& ^^a. a/. ^, jU..£..^.

heirs and assigns to their own use and behoof forever.

And the said grantor for ( a* v ''^f. heirs, executors, and administrators,
do covenant with the said grantee and..d^.^.i£r.. heirs and assigns, that the premises are free

from all incumbrances made or suffered by...^

and that... .will and
^2<^f^.^/heirs, execfitors, and administrators shall brat-rant anfr

btfcfiO tlie same to the said grcMee and../b^^{£. heirs and assigns, forever against the

lawful claims and demands of all persons claiming by, through, or under

but against none other.^

And̂ f or the consideration^aforesaid >.


do hereby release unto the said grantee and . s (if. heirs and assigns all right of or to both
bofoer and Ijomesteiti in the granted premises.

|ll iDltllfSS foljCltof Z^£2.. ...the said.

hereunto set . £ <J-- huniU^ and, sealj^ this

Ar^L^ld3^^L^^ the year one thousand eight hundred and

Signed and sealed in presence of

day of


&ommcmteIf|j of Jlassatjrasctk


/(M:t,<..: C /.A,,. 188 Then personally appeared

the a£ove-naTrted.....%££^^ and acknowledged the

ent to be , /t s- sss free act ajpd deed, before me, /~^*V,

?JiiCrz?^z<x /\\ IlMJ^S^xz^ ,
Justice of the Peace.

foregoing instrumer,

188 , at o'clock and minutes,

W. Received and entered with Deeds, libro


Attest t


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