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Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ & © 2004, ANGEL™ & © 2004. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
The Unisystem™ Game System © 2004 CJ Carella. The Unisystem™ is used under exclusive license.

© 2004 Eden Studios. All Rights Reserved.


$15.00 (U.S.)

ISBN 1-891153-94-3

Eden Studios, Inc. is pleased to announce a new supplement
series called Eden Studios Presents (ESP). Focusing on a wide
variety of Unisystem materials, each book will be filled with
scenarios, archetypes, monsters, new and alternate rules, and
much, much more.

Volume 1 of the ESP series features:
• New monsters by David F. Chapman for your Buffy or Angel RPG game.
• L is for Liberty, a Terra Primate Apeworld by Dan Proctor.
• An interview with Jason Vey, author of the upcoming AFMBE

supplement, Dungeons & Zombies.
• Archetypes for any Unisystem game.
• A Unisystem sci-fi setting by Andrew Peregrine
• An intercepted phone conversation between David F. Chapman,

the Conspiracy X 2.0 Developer, and a mysterious Agent X.
• Tigereye, a Conspiracy X scenario from Jason Little with notes

for both Unisystem and the original game mechanics.
• A new monster for WitchCraft and Armageddon by Charlie Von Eschen.

Future issues will contain articles just as exciting as this first book. Prepare yourself for
scintillating scenarios, archetypes galore, previews of future products, handfuls of bad
guys, Chronicler and player tips, and even a multi-episode campaign!

Eden Studios views ESP as an ideal showcase for both new and known authors, giving
everyone the potential to be a part of the team! Eden realizes there are a great many
quality "unknowns" out there and wants to give them the opportunity to shine. Veteran
writers are also welcome, providing solid groundwork for gamers to use, spindle, and
mutilate. Whether you are a up-and-comer, an oldtimer, or just a fan, you'll find new and
interesting material in each book.

So, what are you waiting for?

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veillance equipment remotely. There are simply too
many possibilities to cover here.

No one in the law firm has significant psychic
abilities to detect or resist those powers. Use the
standard rules for Psychic abilities from the
Conspiracy X rulebook to resolve these tests.

The Law Offices of Davis,
Davis & Goldstein

Through their research, the group most likely has
acquired a floor plan of the offices. If so, planning
will be much easier.

The firm’s office is located on the 33rd floor of a
50-story business building in midtown Manhattan.
The office takes up about one-third of the floor. The
office directly above them is a credit card collection
call center, and the office below them is a technical
recruiting firm. The law firm has been in this loca-
tion for nearly 15 years, and building security knows
most of the lawyers and employees.

The building has a large main lobby with a securi-
ty station operation 24/7. They have security cameras
in the main lobby, the elevators and the hallways of
each main floor, but not inside the individual busi-
nesses. Two security guards are on duty at all times in
the lobby, and two more make rounds through the
building. There is a parking complex with several
sublevels and enough space to accommodate 250
cars. 200 of the parking places are reserved for the
workers in the building. Fifty parking places are
available for visitors on the first sublevel. There are
two service elevators and two stairwells running from
the parking level to the main lobby.

Four elevators run from the lobby to the 25th
floor, and four other elevators run from the 26th
through the 50th floors. Two sets of stairwells, dou-
bling as emergency exit paths, run the course of the
building. Among all the different businesses,
between 5,000-8,000 people work in the building
during the day; generally fewer than 1,000 work dur-
ing off-peak hours.

Upon exiting an elevator on the 33rd floor, visitors
are immediately greeting by Lisa Cushing. A sitting
area, two rest rooms, and a utility closet are imme-
diately to the left of the elevators. Behind the front
desk are a hallway leading perpendicular, and two

hallways running parallel away from her desk. The
perpendicular hallway leads to a break room and the
first of two reference libraries.

The hallway to Lisa’s right contains five associ-
ates’ offices, a supply room, and ends in a hallway
leading to the right. This hallway contains three
meeting rooms and leads to the hallway on Lisa’s
left hand side.

The hallway to Lisa’s left contains the offices of
Richard Goldstein, Donald Davis, Sr., Donald
Davis, Jr., a second research library, the combined
offices of Louis Armstead and Janet McCauley, the
combined offices of Jacob Richardson and Andrew
Stone, the emergency stairwell exit, a second set of
restrooms, and three associates’ offices.

General office information: The office contains
stylish art, comfortable furniture, and state-of-the-art

Front desk and reception area: Lisa Cushing,
the office manager, is always at the front desk dur-
ing normal business hours. She is polite and courte-
ous, but insists on seeing credentials or identifica-
tion for anyone stating they are part of the media,
police, a delivery service, or anyone else she does
not know on sight.

Research Libraries A & B: Both libraries have
four computer stations with access to the Internet
and several legal databases, numerous shelves
stacked with legal books, and dozens of filing cabi-
nets with reference documents and forms. Both
libraries also have laser printers linked to the net-
work. All the computers in the office can print to one
of these two printers.

Offices for senior partners: These offices feature
luxurious hardwood floors, burnished wooden
desks, chairs and tasteful art. They are large, com-
fortable offices with high-end computers and
Internet access. There is a secure intranet to handle
office business, email, and internal communications.
Hacking into the network is a Df4 Computer
Programming Test if done from outside the offices,
or a Df3 Computer Programming Test if attempt-
ed from one of the computers inside the network.

Offices for junior partners and associates:
These offices feature functional wood desks, com-
fortable chairs and numerous filing cabinets. These

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employees each have high-end computers with
Internet access. There is a secure intranet to handle
office business, email, and internal communications.
Hacking into the network is a Df4 Computer
Programming Test if done from outside the offices,
or a Df3 Computer Programming Test if attempt-
ed from one of the computers inside the network.

Meeting Rooms A, B & C: All three meeting
rooms feature large wooden tables and chairs to
comfortably seat up to twelve people. They have
state-of-the-art multimedia projection systems and
erasable marker boards which slide open to reveal a
projection screen. Potted plans, artwork, and a few
small desks fill out the meeting rooms.

Break Room: This large room features two long
cafeteria-style tables and chairs for up to twelve peo-
ple. A refrigerator, microwave, and two vending
machines occupy the back wall. A large coffee
maker is always running, brewing regular and decaf
coffee for employees and visitors. There is a small
sink and cabinets housing napkins, utensils, mugs,
coffee refills, and other similar items.

The Inside Scoop
Assuming the agents used some creativity and tact,

they have little trouble getting inside the law offices
and planting the surveillance equipment. Do not for-
get about the daily updates with Agent Fetters—these
are opportunities to spur them into action, but to offer
suggestions if the agents seem stymied.

After completing this mission, they return to meet
with Agent Fetters. With the surveillance equipment
operational, the agents have gained access to some
important information. During one of the meetings,
Agent Fetters reveals that he pulled some strings and
received this information:

• A small contingent of Asklepios Corporation
representatives will arrive in the U.S. on the fol-
lowing Tuesday.

• Those attending are Dr. Allan Summers, Dr.
Alex Gildon, Stan Matthewson, James Kenichi
and Ken Kimuro. See Appendix for more infor-
mation about these characters.

• Dr. John Raffert will not arrive until Thursday
afternoon. He is finishing paperwork necessary for
transporting biological material internationally.

• Donald Davis, Jr. and Dr. John Raffert have
referred to an off-site meeting to hand over
materials important to the application. Donald
Davis, Jr. has expressed concern that the law
offices may be too high profile and subject to
surveillance by third parties.

• Agent Fetters believes this implies that a sample
of Project Panacea is coming to the U.S. for sci-
entific analysis as part of the patent application

• The drop off will be made Thursday at midnight
at an abandoned junkyard in Queens. Records
indicate the property belongs to a former client
of Davis, Davis & Goldstein.

Armed with this information, Agent Fetters gives
the agents their next assignment. The agents will
stake out the junkyard on Thursday and obtain visu-
al and audio confirmation on the parties involved in
the drop, and ultimately acquire the Project Panacea

Chapter Three:
The Junkyard Drop

Once they receive orders from Agent Fetters, the
agents should start preparing for their next mission.
They have access through Agent Fetters to sophisti-
cated surveillance equipment to monitor the drop.
Agent Fetters urges the agents to exercise a degree
of caution, but admits that obtaining the Project
Panacea sample is the single most important aspect
of the mission.

Depending on how long it took the agents to bug
the law offices, they may have nearly a week before
the drop takes place. This allows them to case the
junkyard or obtain a layout of it.

There are several ways to get this map. The agents
can pull up a plot plan online by making a Df3
Computer Use Test, or by going to city hall and ask-
ing for the building schematics. They can also sim-
ply drive by the facility and make their own obser-

Eden Studios Presents










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If you can’t get enough of PVP and DORK TOWER...

Then IN THE PIT will make you climb to the rooftops and shout

For over twenty years, gamers have struggled to prove
that there is nothing evil, dangerous or odd about our hobby.

Now IN THE PIT is going to ruin everything.
Gaming humor may be a dead horse, but by God, we're going to beat it!



In The Pit #1

ISBN 1-891153-52-8

From the creative minds of Al Bruno and
George Vasilakos, IN THE PIT tells hys-
terical tales among the cluttered racks
and overpowering stench of the
Fanboyz game store. From the antics
of an insane group of gamers to the tri-
als of wanna-be small game company
publishers to the game room known
only as “The Pit,” you won’t want to
miss an issue. Story ideas for IN THE
PIT are yanked bodily from Mr.
Vasilakos’s personal experience own-
ing a game store and running Eden
Studios. Mr. Bruno’s dark and twist-
ed imaginings scurry out from under
his own warped gaming group.
Many of these “horror” stories have
been posted on under the
pseudonym Ab3. These lurid
accounts are brought to visual life
by newcomer Jimmy Changa. Join
us as Eden Studios brings in a new
era of gaming comics.

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