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TitleDynamics of Adsorptive Systems for Heat Transformation: Optimization of Adsorber, Adsorbent
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Table of Contents
1 Adsorptive Heat Transformation and Storage: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects
	1.1 Thermodynamic Cycles for AHT
		1.1.1 Temperature-Driven Cycles
		1.1.2 Pressure-Driven Cycles
		1.1.3 Other Presentations of the AHT Cycles
	1.2 The AHT Efficiency
		1.2.1 The First Law Efficiency
		1.2.2 The Second Law Efficiency
	1.3 Dynamics of AHT Cycles
	1.4 Adsorbents Optimal for AHT
		1.4.1 The First Law Efficiency
		1.4.2 The Second Law Efficiency
		1.4.3 Adsorbent Optimal from the Dynamic Point of View
2 Measurement of Adsorption Dynamics: An Overview
	2.1 Differential Step (IDS) Method
	2.2 Large Pressure Jump (LPJ) Method
	2.3 Large Temperature Jump (LTJ) Method
		2.3.1 Volumetric Large Temperature Jump Method (V-LTJ)
		2.3.2 Gravimetric Large Temperature Jump Method (G-LTJ)
3 Experimental Findings: Main Factors Affecting the Adsorptive Temperature-Driven Cycle Dynamics
	3.1 Adsorbate and Adsorbent Nature
		3.1.1 Water Sorption Dynamics
		3.1.2 Methanol Sorption Dynamics
	3.2 Adsorbent Grain Size
		3.2.1 Water Sorption Dynamics
		3.2.2 Methanol Sorption Dynamics
		3.2.3 Ethanol Sorption Dynamics
	3.3 Geometry of the Adsorber
		3.3.1 Water Sorption Dynamics
		3.3.2 Methanol Sorption Dynamics
		3.3.3 Ethanol Sorption Dynamics
	3.4 Cycle Boundary Conditions
		3.4.1 Methanol Sorption Dynamics
		3.4.2 Ethanol Sorption Dynamics
	3.5 Residual Gases
		3.5.1 Water Sorption Dynamics
	3.6 Flux of Cooling/Heating Heat Carrier Fluid
4 Optimization of an “Adsorbent/Heat Exchanger” Unit
	4.1 Optimization of the “Adsorbent—Heat Exchanger” Unit
		4.1.1 Adsorbent Grain Size
		4.1.2 The Ratio “Heat Transfer Surface”/“Adsorbent Mass”
		4.1.3 The Effect of the Flow Rate of External Heat Carrier
		4.1.4 Comparison of the Model Configurations with Full-Scale AHT Units
	4.2 Compact Layer Versus Loose Grains
	4.3 The Effect of Residual Gases
	4.4 Reallocation of Adsorption and Desorption Times in the AHT Cycle

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