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TitleDubuis, Jean - The Experience of Eternity
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Table of Contents
	State of Mind
	Conditions for the Meditation Work
	Concentration on the Mirror
	Naught - Unity
	Duality of the Energy
		Creation of Space-Time
		Differentiation of the Energy
		The Ten Levels of Densities
		Creation of the Four Trees in the Human Being
	Creation of the Mineral Tree (Earth Element)
		The Seven Crystalline Systems
		Densification of the Earth Energy
		Alchemical Convergences
		The Mineral Tree
	Creation of the Plant Tree (Water Element)
		Properties of the Tree
		The Phenomenon of Respiration
		The Plant Tree
	Creation of the Animal Tree (Air Element)
		I Have Been This Rock... This Tree... This Snake...
		Animal Incarnation
		Function of the Air Element
		The Group-Spirits
		The Tree of Air
	Creation of the Tree of Man (Fire Element)
		The Descent (1st Part)
			Birth of Man
			Conditions of Departure
			Conditions of the Descent
		The Descent (2nd Part)
			The Powers of Man
			The Powers of the Great Civilizations
			The Arrival in 10
		The Nadir
			Initiation of the Nadir
		The Return (1st Part)
			Supremacy of the Spirit Energy
			The Law of Attraction
			The Seven Invisible Bodies
			Balance of the Energies
		The Return (2nd Part)
			The Initiations
			Transfer of Acquired Knowledge
			The Return in Eternity
		Yod He Vav He
			A Sacred Language
			The Passage Unity - Duality
			Adam and Eve
	The Planetary Energies
		The Planetary Energy
		Cycle of Seven
		Cycle of Twelve
		Impact of the Planetary Energy
	The Invisible Suns
		Properties of the Ellipse
		Properties of the Invisible Suns
			The Earth
			The Moon
		From the Southern Hemisphere
	Fixing the Energy
		Balance of the Energies
		Necessity of Energetic Enrichment
		Methods for Charging
		Conditions of Discharge
		Conditions of Charge
		Charging with the Fire Element (Tree of Man)
			..with the Fire of Saturn
			..with the Fire of the Sun
			..with the Fire of the Moon
		Charging with the Air Element (Animal Tree)
		Charging with the Water Element (Plant Tree)
			... with the Water of Saturn
			... with the Water of the Sun
			... with the Water of the Moon
		Charging with the Earth Element (Mineral tree)
			... with the Earth of Saturn
			... with the Earth of the Sun
			... with the Earth of the Moon
		In Case of Difficulty
		Chart: Fixation of the Energy
	The New Tree
		The Top of the Tree
		The Body of the Tree
	Construction of the Invisible Mansions
		Mental Construction
		Construction of the Castles
			... of the Moon
			... of the Sun
			... of Saturn
	The Great Experience
		The Holy Week
			Beginning of the Holy Week
			The Remainder of the Holy Week
		The Great Experience - Simple Method
		Communion on the Solar Level
			Spontaneous Experience
			Induced Experience
			The Return
	The Contacts
		After the Great Experience
		The Contact
		Contacts Given by the Double Planetary Influx
		Contacts Generated During the Hour of the Planetary Ruler
			Level 3
			Level 4
			Level 5
			Level 6
			Level 7
			Level 8
			Level 9
		The Dreams
			The ordinary dream
			Exteriorization of consciousness
			The “superior” dream
			The awakened dream
			Contact with the Inner Master
		The Symbols
			The Visual Symbols
				The Castles of the Invisible
				The Gods
				Numbers and Geometric Forms
				The Magical Squares
			The Sound Symbols
				The Original Language
				The Twelve Names
	Exercises on the Fire Element
Legend of the Three Kings
	1. The Energy Splits
	2. Differentiation of the Energy
	3. The Golden Chain of Homer
	4. The Tree of the Sephiroth
	5. The Extension of the Vibrations in the Invisible Worlds...
	6. The Descent and the Return
	7. The Two Types of Atomic Networks in the Crystals
	8. The Densification of the Energy Through the Mineral Realm
	9. The Descent and Ascent During the 4 Journeys
	10. External Electronic Layers
	11. The Manifestation of the Energy During the 4 Journeys
	12. The 4th Journey is Incomplete
	13. Manifestations of the Divine Name in Duality
	14. Creation of the Universe: Alchemical/Qabalistic Correspondences
	15. Value of the Hebrew Letters
	16. Orbits of the Planets
	17. Cycles of the Planetary Geniuses
	18. Order of the Days of the Week and Planetary Energies
	19. Duration of Days and Nights During Equinoxes and Solstices
	20. The Elliptic Path of the Earth
	21. Eclipse of the Invisible Sun of Earth during Winter Solstice
	22. Orbits of the Earth, of Jupiter and of Saturn
	23. Maximum Influx of the Invisible Sun of Saturn
	24. Orbit of the Moon
	25. Orbits of the Earth and of Mars
	26. Orbits of the Earth, of Venus and of Mercury
	27. The New Tree (planetary attributions)
	28. The New Tree (for the Holy Week)
	29. Polygons - Levels 3 to 6
	30. Polygons - Levels 7 to 12
	31. On Each Level the 3 Energies Animate the 4 Trees
	32. The New Tree (Polygons and Fire element)
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Experimental treatise


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Jean Dubuis The Experience of Eternity


Jean Dubuis was born April 29th, 1919 in Vauciennes (Oise county of France). At an
early age he began to question the place that Man occupies in the midst of the Universe.
Relentlessly he looked for ways to understand the laws that structure these two worlds –
Microcosm and Macrocosm – and the mechanisms that animate them.

He is an inexhaustible searcher schooled with a scientific background. He possesses a
terrific sense of humor. He generously brought to the general public the findings of his
work through conferences, lectures, writings and practical lessons on the practice of
Alchemy, Qabala, and Esotericism, which combined the science and philosophy of those

His goal and intentions remain constant: to allow the individual to become a Knower and
free himself from all domination that keeps his spirit in bondage. He has always strived to
offer a method of personal initiation without relying on a master or guru. This allows all
men and women who have this desire to obtain the balance between material and
spiritual, keys to the inner worlds one has to tread.

In this tradition of freedom, Jean DUBUIS offers here a method of work that is once
more based on the intelligence of the spirit and on the intelligence of the heart.

As in his earlier written lessons published through the former non-profit organization
“The Philosophers of Nature”, Jean DUBUIS wanted this work to be available to all
those that wish to study and work in the difficult field of esotericism. In view of this, he
relinquished his intellectual property and has allowed the publisher to disseminate this
treatise by all available means.

Consequently this treatise is free of rights. It still remains bound by the copyright laws. It
can be freely duplicated in electronic or hard copy provided it will not be used for profit
(sale, conferences, seminars and paying lessons …) Neither can it be modified in any way
shape or form, under penalty of legal pursuits. Furthermore, the copies will explicitly
bear the name of the author.

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Page 87

Jean Dubuis The Experience of Eternity


Before executing any operation, it is recommended to thoroughly study this chapter in its
entirety, especially if when reading this you find yourself close to the time frame of the
preparations mentioned. Too much haste can harm the unfolding of the Experience. The
most favorable astronomic conditions will only come back a year later. It is also
recommended to study the following chapter entirely.

Let us return to the communicating vessels. Two are full of liquids at different heights;
one is yellow and the other one blue. When the communication link balances their levels,
the liquids will become green. Identically, if two objects in the same location are charged
differently, the result will be, for both, a mixture of their respective energies.

Prior to any operation of transfer, the first stage will consist in discharging the objects as
much as possible of their latent and parasitic energies so they do not contaminate the
energies they will be charged with. This is the case for minerals, for alcohol, and
sometimes for the plants. It is best to leave the object as is, on a little glass or Pyrex
saucer, or in a little glass flask without any wrapping in a healthy and dark place. This
will protect it from all electric, solar or lunar light. In order to avoid the least bit of
contamination, or alteration, the object should not be seen or touched. If the oratory is the
isolating shelter, the symbolic object must all the same be protected from the operator
each time he will come to meditate. Before any session he will lock the object in a small
wooden box or envelop it in a fabric that does not conduct electricity and at the end of the
session replace it outside of its packaging.

The decontamination can last, for example, a lunar cycle at the end of which the object
will be definitely protected in its isolating case until the required date for charging. The
better an object is discharged, the more it becomes sensitive to the energies, both those
wished for and the parasitic ones. Some “symbolic objects” that naturally contain the
energy we are seeking don't have to be discharged.


Once these precautions have been taken, the actual loading can begin. This essentially
concerns the energies of the three “planets” we insisted on previously: Saturn, the Sun
and the Moon. Since the Great Experience concerns the four trees of our being, it is
desirable to have some objects “enriched” by the energy of each element: Fire, Air,
Water, and Earth. We will therefore have twelve symbolic objects:

- Four objects will fix the Saturn energy under its aspects: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

- Four objects will fix the Sun energy under its aspects: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

- Four objects will fix the Moon energy under its aspects: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

The favorable astronomical conditions are between June 21st and June 26th. They are also
good the week before and the week after these two dates. It will therefore be possible to
try the Great Experience three times during three consecutive weeks and it is desirable to
have three sets of these twelve objects, in total 36. During each attempt the set used will
have been discharged of the stored energies for our benefit.

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Page 88

Jean Dubuis The Experience of Eternity

The principle of the energy exchange is consistently used in the following sequences:

- Between Nature, whose reserve of energy is full, and oneself, the symbolic object is
completely or almost discharged.

- Between oneself and the symbolic object, loaded in our presence so that its energy is
personalized by our psyche.

- Between the symbolic object and oneself at the time of the Experience, the object is
discharged to our benefit.

- Between Nature and oneself during the Experience, Nature giving us the influx of
level 3 or Saturn.

It is required one operates alone because of the principle of energy exchange. One
exception is when work is performed by a couple, Nicolas-Perenelle, in other words the
natural man-woman couple in accordance with the structure of Nature. It is necessary that
both are on the same esoteric Path.

When the energy is fixed in the appropriate conditions, we must maintain its state of
purity at a maximum in order to benefit from its influx, which will be a powerful help at
the time of the Great Experience. The symbolic objects that are charged will be isolated,
for example in a silk fabric. This will prevent all spontaneous discharge of the energy that
is now in harmony with the operator. Lack of precaution lessens the quality of the energy
or its power of resonance.


The Fire element, energy of the Tree of Man, Secret Fire of the Alchemists or prana of
the Orientals, is transferred from the atmosphere to Earth through rainwater. Hydrogen,
the first element manifested in matter, is its support. As long as rainwater has not
contacted the earth, we say that the Fire it contains is unspecified, or undetermined.

To capture this Fire energy, we will therefore collect rain directly in a glass or Pyrex dish.
Do not use a dish made of metallic or crystallized matter. These precautions will avoid
the presence of a Fire that was determined by contact with a metal or crystal, thereby
altering the quality of the energy. As a precautionary measure, we will operate without
delay in order to avoid exposure to solar, lunar or electric light. There are no
disadvantages in stellar radiation. We will immediately fill nine small glass bottles. Since
we can try the experience three times, we will have three bottles per planet. The bottle, of
a volume of about 10 cc. (a little more than 1/3 fluid ounce), will be preferably closed
with ground glass or plastic lids but under no circumstances with metallic ones. They will
be wrapped in three groups of three, in a fabric made of silk or plastic which have a
strong electrical insulation, and then stored in the oratory.

Rainwater collected in this manner does not have to undergo decontamination. The Fire it
contains has the nature of the Spirit. It is however preferable to collect the rain after it has
already fallen abundantly because the dust in suspension in the atmosphere will have
been washed down.

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Jean Dubuis The Experience of Eternity


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Jean Dubuis The Experience of Eternity

(Polygons and Fire element)

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