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TitleDrawing One Day Drawing Mastery
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Table of Content
Everyone can Draw, I Promise!
	Be an Observer
	The virtue of perseverance
	Have faith
	Be Confident
	The Dos and Don’ts of Drawing
Introducing the “Stickman”
	Never underestimate the power of a good stick figure!
	The Language of Lines
	Line of Action
	Guidelines for Anatomy
Let’s Play with Shapes and Spaces!
	The Importance of shapes
	Filling shapes to stickmen
	Basic Anatomy
It’s a Matter of Perspective
	One-point Perspective
Two-point Perspective
	Anatomical Perspective
Light, Shade and Everything in Between
	Highlights, Midtones and Shadows
	Techniques for drawing texture
Make it Look FANCY!
	Rule of Thirds
	The Golden Ratio
The Guerilla Artist
	Finding Inspiration
	“One Day Calligraphy Mastery” by Ellen Warren
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Page 2

One Day Drawing Mastery

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Calligraphy in Under 1 Day!

By Ellen Stewart & Joana Rubinstein

Page 49

Here’s an active drawing our artist did. Even the shapes stay true to the framework (Fig. 3e6). Worry
about the details last, erase the shapes and you have an anatomical human figure (Fig. 3e7).

Page 97

They may also start to include additional lines, which can help add dimension to the letters, like this
“Adorable” A:

Non-traditional letters can take on a number of different personas, however. This is where art truly
comes into play along with calligraphy. While traditional letters may be plain or ornate, they are still
generally recognizable at all times. Non-traditional letters, however, may include a variety of other
images, or they may be completely unrecognizable as the letter they are conveying. Non-traditional
letters are some of the most fun to learn, and the most fun to start including in different projects.
Because they can often take on the look of something else entirely, they can be used to help bring
greater impact to the word they are describing. This letter A, known as a BreastBomb, is a good
example of how a letter may start to become something else:

When paired with other letters, you may be able to make out the word. On its own, however, this A
could simply be an abstract form of art. With the shape of the letter calling to mind a sailboat or even
a shark fin, think of how this style of letters could be used to create a sign or logo for a boat business
or a bait shop. This is where calligraphy can become more art than script, and yet retain its original

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