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Pa Wadwuuaat Sni! Pa Tanuu
- , ...I A x _._, vV x f -—-^.. I **

The Ana

4 kt Gold Painted
Pa Waas (Crook)

Price $50.00
Pa Khu (The Flail)

Price $50.00

NamuzfThe Head Piece)
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Pa Yagu (Th
Price $35,00 *
Pa IVtenkhut (Pen
Price $19.00

Pa Khajur (The Apron)
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Pa Unkh (The Robe)
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Pa Zed Ba'us (The Z&d Cane)
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I Pa Shawiifant (The Shoes)
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5 To You Front THc
Of Our Ancient Ancestors

There is More To Egipt Than Meets The Eye, But
The Mystery Will Unfold Before You In

Science Of The Pyramids

$15.00 fa.




ithored By: The Supreme
Grand Hierophant

Ammmubi Raakhptah

If YUM W.\Ht To Know More
About The Ttwe Istpti^n

TKc Minbs of S^ M.\n\t AH

Ancient ESHP* ̂

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The root of Freemasonry, Egipt!....

( ),

Figure 7 left, The first second, and
third degree burn coming from the
sun of righteousness, bottom, Ja-
heez Symbol.

masonry. , the third degree, 3rd degree burn
coming from The Sun Of Righteousness.

You see the first degree of freema-
sonry is the entered apprentice, is symbol
of Malachi, the son of righteousness,

Malachi The masons believed that it keeps
them in touch with god, and without all

three standards the world would perish.

Figure 5 This is the Philadelphia Masonic Temple. Here is an-
other confirmation that Freemasonry originated in Egipt. The Ma-
sonic order attempts to initiate or teach man the material or hu-
man sciences in imitation of the Ancient Egiptian Mystery sys-
tems that taught man the lesser and "greater" mystery.

south and west. Representing the universal constitution of man
and various levels of knowledge. This was all rituals that took
place in Egipt now you tell me where freemasonry originated
from. The Egiptian pyramid that appears on the dollar bill is the
Pyramid Of Khufu (Cheops) and represents the Egiptian pro-
ject, still they don't know how we did it. The word pyramid
when separated in two, Pyra meaning "in our midst". Thus you
get "Giving order to chaos", Which is where the saying on the
back of the dollar bill "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM",
Comes from. This is the bondage of the Nuwaubians in America
the true Egiptians. 400 years under the Amorites, fourth son of
Canaan mention in Gen 10:16. These two pictures (Figure 6)
were taken out of
the book entitled
"The Craft And
Its Symbols"
Written by: Tho-
mas W. Davis, Pg.
10 this shows the
apron presented to
Washington by
Lafayette. Notice
that George Wash-
ington is wearing a
square as a pen-
dant, which sym-
bolizes morality.
The word pyramid
means "middle
fire" that's why we
use the Jaheez
symbol (Figure
7). .Because the
Jaheez is the high-
est symbol in free-

Figure 8 The geometry symbol of freemasonry used in
all of their temples.

The freemasons wearing the Shriners symbol fez like the Egip-
tians. LEFT, The Egiptian Pharaoh Mentuhotep Wearing a fez
like the freemasons.

Figure 6, George Washington wearing a Masonic
apron and medallion

Notice in Figure 8, the 32 spears on this Masonic symbol.
They represent the Egiptian symbol. Of the god Aten the

sun deity represented by a circle with a dot
with arms extending down. The fact that
there are 32 spears that represents the 32 de-
gree of freemasonry and is proof that the

roots of freemasonry
«r \, again is from ancient

Egipt the number 32 is
also the latitudinal point
of the pyramid of an-
cient Egipt It is a known
fact that most organiza-
tions today inherited their
information from Egipt
and we all are using the
methods of the ancient
ones today in our every-
day life. We Egiptians
were people with The
Right Knowledge, Right
Wisdom And The Right
Overstanding. It's called
Nuwaupu! "̂

Figure 9 Shriners
Symbol with an
Egiptian face, Now
you tell me where
the Shriners get
there knowledge

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Jaw The Circle
An^ FiHb The Atiswers

T0 Yuur Qwe$ti0tt$f

01 jJ]

er The
Give 1¥̂ ise To Tl̂

Ha* The Sun. But As The
Wiw% Cat&strophies Ixpat̂ *

The Oz*me l̂ %|er depletes*


People Of The

F̂ gJb| The Timiii AlmC
» Who Are The

Is The '
The '


', ftM^Out Who
Are The MeUntn-ite Chlteren^

To Order Contact:

f *ATHENS, GA 30604-5579 *

Price $10.00 ea.


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kP.O. BOX 5579
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