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Table of Contents
                            Related Literature
Bankruptcy Treatment of Qualified Financial Contracts
Data and Summary Statistics
	Bank Holding Company Data
	Hand collected data on repo contracts
	Mortgage Pricing data
	Structured Mortgage Issuance Data
Research Design
	Identifying Assumption
Empirical Results
	Banks hold more securitized products after expansion of safe harbor
	Effect of safe harbor expansion on MBS yields
	Banks increase securitization activity after expansion of safe harbor
	Real effects of safe harbor expansion
		Mortgage origination
		Mortgage loan pricing
The mix of collateral in repo contracts
	Was the increase in mortgage securitization part of an overall trend?
	Are results sensitive to quartile-based cut-off points?
	Is mortgage securitization driven by systematic variation in loan demand between treated and control banks?
	Did BAPCPA increase mortgage securitization independent of the repo-collateral-demand channel?
	Does treated group assignment matter for the observed difference in mortgage securitization?
	Are results driven by a size effect?

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