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Down London Road
Samantha Young

Page 176

As Cam put on the protection his usually cobalt eyes were almost black.
‘Truth,’ I whispered on a nod.
‘I wanted you and I couldn’t have you.’
My lips parted in amazement at the confession. ‘That’s why you were a

bastard to me?’
‘I didn’t want to want you so badly, so when it appeared that you were

someone I could never respect or want, I held on to that and ran with it. But you
kept blowing all my preconceptions to smithereens, and I just kept wanting you
As Cameron gazed deep into my eyes I felt a weight bear down on us, like a

cocoon wrapping around us, protecting the connection that was developing so
deep and fast between us. ‘I guess that means your bastard days are behind you,’
I replied, my words barely audible under the gravity of emotion.
His brows drew together. ‘Meaning?’
‘You can stop wanting me now that you have me.’
Light twinkled mischievously in his eyes as he grinned at me. ‘I don’t think

that’s possible. To stop wanting you, I mean.’
Without warning, before I could even reply to , he pushed into me and I

cried out, my hands digging into the muscles in his back as my body grew
reacquainted with his thickness. His breath whispered over my lips just before he
kissed me, his tongue teasing mine as he pulled out of me a few inches before
sliding back in.
His kisses were hot and sweet as he slowly made love to me, pushing us

towards another shattering release.

We had just got out of his shower – where I’d finally found my chance to study
the ink on his arms with my tongue – and we were in the kitchen making tea and
toast when my phone rang. I found it in the pocket of my faux fur jacket, still
lying in the hall from last night when Cam stripped me out of it.
A picture of Joss giving someone behind me a sly grin popped up on my

phone screen as it rang. I’d taken it at the bar months ago, not realizing Craig
was doing some absurd ‘sexy’ dance behind me as I snapped Joss’s picture. I
smiled. ‘Hullo?’
‘Hey, you,’ she answered casually. ‘How are you?’

Page 177

‘Hey, you,’ she answered casually. ‘How are you?’
‘I’m fine.’ I

grinned, trying to contain my giddiness as I wandered back into the kitchen,
where Cam stood by the kettle, shirtless and all mine. ‘You?’
‘Good. You sound weird.’
‘Yeah. Weird.’
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Cam glanced up at me and smiled,

the corners of his eyes crinkling sexily. I grinned again. ‘I don’t know what
you’re talking about at all.’
‘Hmm.’ Clearly Joss was unconvinced. ‘Are you and Cole coming to lunch

I hesitated. I had a lot to do today. I had to tell Cole about me and Cam, and it

was time to put the clothes Malcolm had bought me on eBay. Just the thought of
it made my stomach lurch with guilt about how things had ended between us.
‘Butter or jam on your toast?’ Cam asked loudly.
I sucked in my breath.
‘Was that Cam?’ Joss asked quietly, more than idle curiosity in her tone.
‘At nine thirty in the morning? Asking about toast?’
‘Oh, my God, you fucked him.’
I rolled my eyes. ‘Well, just say it like it is, Joss.’
‘I take it you dumped Malcolm first before you got it on with Tattoo Guy.

Poor Malcolm. Oh, well.’
An unexpected warmth flooded my chest at Joss’s summation of the situation.

She hadn’t asked me if I’d cheated on Malcolm. She’d just assumed I’d been
good enough to be straight with him. It was nice to know she thought so well of
me. ‘We broke up last night.’ I was suddenly very aware of Cam’s inquisitive
eyes on me. ‘Look, we’ll talk about it later.’
‘Bring Cam to lunch.’

‘What?’ I tried to squelch the hint of hysteria in that question.
‘If you’re seeing him now you should bring him to lunch. Elodie won’t mind.’
‘You never asked Malcolm to lunch.’
Cam shot me another questioning look.
‘Well, if I’d thought the lunch would be as interesting as this one is definitely

Page 352

Deeanne: Thank you for being a friend through all this craziness. I appreciate
it more than you know.
Shanine: You, my oldest friend, are one of the most genuine people I have

ever known. I’m to know you, and I can’t tell you how much your love
and unbending support have meant to me over the years.
Kate McJ: My beautiful, intelligent and wonderfully mad friend. Thank you

for being you and thank you for allowing me to be me. I’ll be forever grateful to
that Ong Bak poster we bonded over.
And to Ashleen: We tend to see the world the same way, you and I, and

there’s nothing more magical or reassuring than that. Moreover, I think you just
might be the busiest person I know, and yet you somehow manage to make time
to be there for me. Thank you, hon. It means the world.
To you, my reader: You’ve changed my world, and for that, I am eternally

grateful to you. Thank you.

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