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D. Pop. I stars are older than Pop. II stars.

32. The spiral arms of our galaxy …

A. are composed of stars; very few stars are found between the arms
B. are the location of the brightest and youngest stars
C. are gradually winding up as the galaxy evolves into an elliptical galaxy
D. all of the above.

33. One problem faced by astronomers in trying to figure out the structure of the

Milky Way galaxy is that …
A. there is no way to measure distances greater than about 12,000 ly
B. the Milky Way galaxy looks the same in all directions from Earth
C. we can only see a small region of the Milky Way galaxy with optical

telescopes because of interstellar dust
D. the Milky Way galaxy is always changing, so it's hard to pin down a single


34. In order to determine the approximate mass of the inner Milky Way galaxy using

Kepler's third law (as modified by Newton), an astronomer needs to know all
except one of the following. Which is the exception?
A. the gravitational constant, G
B. the mass of the Sun
C. the period of the Sun's revolution about the Milky Way galaxy
D. the distance from the Milky Way galaxy's center to the Sun

35. The Sun's orbit around the Milky Way galaxy …

A. is a random orbit, much like those of the globular clusters
B. is nearly a circular orbit lying in the plane of the Milky Way galaxy's disk
C. follows along one of the spiral arms
D. slowly moves toward the galactic center as the spiral arms wind tighter around

the nucleus

36. The oldest objects in the Galaxy are located …

A. In the halo
B. In the spiral arms
C. Near the Sun
D. In the galactic center
E. In the galaxy’s disk

37. If the motions of galaxies located in the outer regions of their clusters are
measured, then …
A. the masses of the galaxies are the only quantities that can be determined
B. the mass of the material between the galaxies is the only quantity that is

C. the masses of both the galaxies and the material between them is measured
D. the mass of the universe is known

38. A galaxy whose overall color is reddish would probably be …
A. Spiral
B. Elliptical
C. Irregular
D. Indeterminate; color has nothing to do with galaxy type

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