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Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam

12-13. O Thou, the Ocean of mercy! Now tell me of your heroic valour, how you have come out
victorious in war with Mahâdeva who destroys countless universes. Hearing Tulasî’s word, the
Lord of Laksmî, in the guise of S’ankhachûda, spoke these nectar-like words with a smiling

14-17. O Dear! Full one Samvatsara the war lasted betwixt us. All the Daityas were killed. Then
Brahmâ Himself came and mediated. Peace, then, was brought about and by the command of
Brahmâ, I gave over to the Devas their rights. When I returned to my home, S’iva went back to
His S’ivaloka. Thus saying, Hari, the Lord of the world, slept and then engaged in sexual
intercourse with her. But the chaste Tulasî, finding this time her experience quite different from
what She used to enjoy before, argued all the time within herself and at last questioned him :--

18-22. Who are you? O Magician! By spreading your magic, you have enjoyed me. As you have
taken my chastity, I will curse you. Bhagavân Nârâyana, hearing Tulasî’s words and being afraid
of the curse, assumed His real beautiful figure. The Devî then saw the Eternal Lord of the Devas
before her. He was of a deep blue colour like fresh rain-clouds and with eyes like autumnal
lotuses and with playful Lîlâs equivalent to tens and tens of millions of Love personified and
adorned with jewels and ornaments. His face was smiling and gracious; and he wore his yellow-
coloured robe. The love-stricken Tulasî, seeing That Lovely Form

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of Vâsudeva, immediately fell senseless; and at the next moment, regaining consciousness, she
began to speak.

23-27. O Lord! Thou art like a stone. Thou hast no mercy. By hypocrisy Thou hast destroyed my
chastity, my virtue and for that reason didst kill my husband. O Lord! Thou had no mercy; Thy
heart is like a stone. So Let Thee be turned into a stone. Those who declare Thee as a saint, are
no doubt mistaken. Why didst Thou for the sake of others, kill without any fault, another
Bhakta of Thine. Thus speaking, Tulasî overpowered with grief and sorrow, cried aloud and
repeatedly gave vent to lamentations. Seeing her thus very distressed, Nârâyana, the Ocean of

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