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Design of a Drone Light Show Production System

Alexander L. Elias K. Sabreena A. Suliman A.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1

Abbreviations and Acronyms Error! Bookmark not defined.

1.0 Context 6

1.1. The Entertainment Industry Error! Bookmark not defined.

1.2 Light Shows 7

2.0 Problem Statement 8

3.0 Gap Analysis 8

4.0 Statement of Need 10

5.0 Stakeholders Analysis 10

MR.0 Mission Requirements: 14

FR.0 Functional Requirements: 14

DR.0 Design Requirements 15

OR.0 Operational Requirements 15

SR.0 Simulation Requirements 16

SIR.1.0 Lead-Follow Control Model Input Requirements 16

SIR.2.0 Kinetic Energy Model Input Requirements 16

SOR.1.1 Lead-Follow control model Output Requirements 17

SOR.1.3 NMAC Output Requirements 17

7.0 Concept of Operations (CONOPS) 17

7.1 DLSPS Operational Concept 18

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