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TitleDesign Guide Fire Protection
TagsHeat Transfer Convection Building Insulation Thermal Conduction Wall
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Table of Contents
                            Contents & Introduction
The Benefits of Fire Protection Insulation
Product Range, Applications & Selection Guides
	Application Guide for Commercial Buildings
	Design Guide for Commercial Buildings
	Application Guide for Industrial & Marine Applications
	Selection Guide for Industrial & Marine Applications
Design Considerations
	Rockwool & Glasswool Insulation
	Principles of Fire Protection
	Fire Testing of Building Materials
Building Applications, Specifications & Systems
	Fire Protection in Homes
	Industrial Fire Protection
	Curtain Wall
		Table 1. Thermal Resistance
	Party Wall
	External Walls
	Fire Barrier/Stops
		Table 2. Specifications of Bradford Floor Fire Stops
	Fire Damper Strip
		Table 3. Fire Resistance Levels
	Sprayed Systems
	Steel Columns & Beams
Marine Applications, Specifications & Systems
	Principles of Marine Insulation
	Bradford Marine Systems
Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B - Terminology
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