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                            The Torch of Life
It Is Raining
Five Loaves of Bread
	The man with the face of heaven
	Not easy having a brilliant mind
	A Teacher’s Story
	Honor the Teacher
	The First Tree
	The Professionals
	The Wolves of Learning
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I may have the looks of Audrey Hepburn, the calmly voice of Nathalie Cole. But that's
not what you can see in me. Here's a young girl who needs counsel to enlighten her way
and guidance to strenghten her life into contentment.

Honorable judge, friends and this the girl whom you commented a juvenile

“I Demand Death!”
My hands are wet with blood. They are crimsoned with the blood of a man I have just
I have come here today to confess. I have committed murder, deliberate, premeditated
murder. I have killed a man in cold blood. That man is my master.
I am here not to ask for pity but for justice. Simple, elementary justice. I am a tenant…
My father was a tenant before me and so was his father before him. This misery is my
inheritance and perhaps this will be my legacy to my children.

I have labored on a patch of land not mine. But I have learned to love that land, for it is
the only thing that lies between me and complete destitution.
It is the only world that I have learned to cherish. And somewhere on that land I have
managed to build what is now the dilapidated nipa shack that has been home to me.

I have but a few world possessions, mostly rags. My debts are heavy. They are sum total
of my ignorance and the inspired arithmetic of my master, which I do not understand.
I labor like a slave and out of the fruits of that labor I get but a mere pittance for a share.
And I have to stretch that mere pittance to keep myself and my family alive.

My poverty has reduced me to the bare necessities of life. And the constant fear of
rejection from the land has made me totally subservient to my master. You tell me that
under the constitution, I am a free man-free to do what I believe is just, free to do what I
think is right, and free to worship God according to the dictate of my conscience. But I do
not understand the meaning of all these for I have never known freedom. I have always
obeyed the wishes of my master out of fear. I have always regarded myself as no better
than a slave to the man who owns the land on which I live. I do not ask you to forgive
me nor to mitigate my crime. I have taken the law into my own hands, and I must pay for
it in atonement.
But kill this system. Kill this system and you kill despotism. Kill this system and you kill
slavery. Kill this despotism and you set the human soul to liberty and freedom. Kill this
slavery and you release the human spirit into happiness and contentment. For the cause
of human liberty, of human happiness and contentment, thousands and even millions
have died and will continue to die.

Mine is only one life. Take me if you must but let it be a sacrifice to the cause which
countless others have been given before and will be given again and again, until the
oppressive economic system has completely perished, until the sons of toil have been

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